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Information about<br /> AshdodInformation about


Ashdod - a city located in the Southern District of Israel, stretched for 12 km along the Mediterranean coast, south of Tel Aviv, 30 km. Population - about 210 thousand people. An important regional industrial center. The largest port, which transmits 60% of the imported goods the country.

It is the oldest city in the world, the first mention of a settlement on the site of the modern city has to XVII. BC. Oe. This is a biblical city. At different periods of history it was inhabited by the Philistines, the Israelites, Byzantines, Crusaders, Arabs.

Date of foundation of the modern city, built near the ancient to the sandy hills - 1956. In 1968 the population was over 20 thousand people. And the area - 60 square meters. km, and it became a town.

The Master Plan for the city include measures to ensure the safe and efficient movement of transport and environmental measures that preserve air quality. At the end of 2007, the population amounted to 207 thousand people. And the area of ​​the city - 47 242 dunams (or 47.2 sq. km.)


For the first time of Ashdod is mentioned in the archives of Ugarit (XIV century BC).

The ancient settlement.

The first permanent inhabitants of the village, located near the modern city, there were approximately 300 thousand years ago (Lower Paleolithic). Hunting, fishing and gathering were the main activity of the ancient inhabitants. Later (about 10-6,5 thousand years ago) has been mastered agriculture and animal husbandry.

In the second half of XVII century. BC was built the first fortified settlement - the Acropolis and Huchra (Upper City). Before XIII-XII century was an active trade with the Canaanite Ashdod Aegean, Cyprus and other countries.

Board of the Philistines.

• XIII-XII century. - East Mediterranean slavery "Sea Peoples". The invasion of the Philistines (a small part of the conquerors, native Cretan-Mycenaean culture) in Palestine. Ashdod is a Pentapolis Philistines.

• XI-VIII cc. BC - Capital Philista. The production of ceramics, built lower city, the fortress of Tel Mor. The city's area increased to 80 dunams.

• 770 BC - The seizure of the Jewish king Azariah.

• The end of VIII century BC - The conquest of the Kingdom of Israel and the Gaza Strip king Sargon II. Start building a new fortress Ashdod Yam.

• 625 BC - capture of Ashdod Egyptian Pharaoh Psammetichus.

• 605 BC - Destroyed the independence of the Philistines cities. Completion of the reign of the Philistines.

The subsequent history.

• 539 BC - The beginning of the reign of Persia. Acquire the status of the provincial Pahva-Ashdod, sea trading hub. The appearance of your coins.

• In 332 BC - The formation of the Greek community after the capture of Alexander the Great. Infrastructure of the city includes "Azotos Mesogayos" (land) and the port city "Azotos Paralios" (sea).

• from 147 BC until the middle of VII century Ashdod - the Jewish city.

• The first half of I century BC - The beginning of Roman rule. Status of an important port city. It was later annexed to the kingdom of Herod the Emperor Augustus.

• 66 AD - A city destroyed by the Romans as a result of suppression of the revolt of Judea. Having lost the status of the city, about a thousand years was a small settlement.

• IX-X centuries. - 1948 - Turkish, Arabic period. Built the fortress of Qalat al-Mina in the "land" Tel Ashdod formed Isdud Arab village. Built w / train station.

• 1948 - Declaration of the State of Israel. Isduda population - about 8,000 people.

• October 1948 - "The War for Independence." The retreat of the Egyptian army, leaving the inhabitants of the city.

Israeli town.

• 1953 - start of construction of power plants (the modern "Eshkol A".)

• May 1, 1956 - approval of the construction project of the city. Arrival of settlers from Morocco and Egypt. The development of the camp

• 1958 - completion of the plant.

• October 1959 - to the status of the local council. The head was Dov Gur.

• April 14, 1961 - November 1963 - Construction of the port.

• February 1, 1968 - assignment of the city.

• 1989 - the city's population was 80 thousand people.

• 1990 - 2001 gg. - The arrival of more than 100 thousand new immigrants.


Today Ashdod - the most important dynamic industrial center in Israel. Thanks to the modernization of the port city each year comes to 200 ships and nearly 200,000 passengers. Most of the jobs it provides a sea port. Israel on the Sea trade route supplying agricultural products and chemical products from the Dead Sea.

The city operates a refinery and aircraft manufacturing concern, building materials production and pharmaceutical company, as well as the food and chemical industries: silk, cosmetic and canning factories.


In the late 50's, 60's of the XX century in Ashdod profit Jews - immigrants from Arab countries in the 70 - Georgian Jews. And in the last decade of XX century, thanks to the massive arrival of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, attracted by the availability of jobs and low cost housing, the city's population had increased to 200 thousand people.

Today's "Russian diaspora" is more than 30% of the population. In the city council has representatives - Boris Giterman, vice-mayor and Maya Slutskaya, MP ("Community of Ashdod.") Russian-speaking population has its own infrastructure, including shops, schools, chamber orchestra.


Modern Ashdod - the most attractive city for visitors to Israel. Its landscape - the sea and the sand dunes, beautiful beaches, spacious living areas, built in the south along the coast. Things to do - the biggest in the Mediterranean artificial harbor with a capacity of up to 1,500 yachts. Russian-speaking visitors will appreciate the abundance of "Russian" restaurant. In 2009, the city's northern and southern entrances and exits have been built major transportation hubs, making travel "plug" - a rare phenomenon in the city.

Map of  AshdodMap of

Distances to other cities from Ashdod Distances to other cities from

The climate in the area of Ashdod The climate in the area of

Weather in Ashdod
The city of Ashdod is also located on the Mediterranean coast, but the weather here is not the same as in Tel Aviv. Very close proximity to the wilderness dramatically affected by weather situation in the city. So winter is relatively cold and summers are very hot.

Ashdod: Landmarks and Historic SitesAshdod: Landmarks and Historic Sites

Sights of the city of Ashdod

Modern Ashdod - the most attractive city for visitors to Israel. Its landscape - the sea and the sand dunes, beautiful beaches, spacious living areas, built in the south along the coast. Things to do - the biggest in the Mediterranean artificial harbor with a capacity of up to 1,500 yachts. Russian-speaking visitors will appreciate the abundance of "Russian" restaurant. In 2009, the city's northern and southern entrances and exits have been built major transportation hubs, making travel "plug" - a rare phenomenon in the city.

Ashdod: Videos Ashdod:

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От небольшого поселения до крупного центра - именно такой путь проделал город Ашдод, расположенный в южном округе Израиля. It is the fifth largest town. But not the size of the city is notable for tourists. More importantly, it is located on the Mediterranean coast. In addition, tourists are all conditions for recreation and accommodation. Offers apartments, cottages, especially popular rent apartments in Ashdod , given that the rental price is acceptable. Ashdod is notable for the Russians more Russian speakers. You do not have problems with communication. The city is almost impossible to get lost, or at least, it is easy to ask for directions in Russian from local. No less attractive and the service, there is no need to look for an interpreter and guide foreign listen to splutter. Кроме того, посуточная аренда в Ашдод дает вероятность найти соотечественников, с которыми можно пообщаться, поделиться впечатлениями. Due to the large number of tourists, local residents speaking in Russian, you will not feel a stranger in the resort, and you just do not cook threatens.

main attractions, places to stay in the resort linked to the sea. First of all, you are invited to a number of beaches, located on eight-kilometer coastline. The level of service the most diverse, so every tourist will find a most comfortable stay. While walking is not necessarily. Вы можете снять квартиру в Ашдод недалеко от береговой линии. If you need cheaper accommodation, you can find an apartment a short distance from the beaches. But entertainment is not abated.

resort offers more advanced seaside holiday. In Ashdod has an artificial harbor, which can accommodate up to five hundred ships. Here you can rent a boat, yacht out to sea and diving. There are also specialized diving centers where you can get acquainted with marine sights under the supervision of experienced divers.

Shopping in inferior to most other resorts, but for shopping and there are several shopping centers. However, other arrangements are common. No matter which area will be made rent in Ashdod , you can always find near the stadium, swimming pool, gym, tennis court, or the court for cricket. Lovers of marine leisure offers surfing, pleasure craft. Dining in the city also established a high-level. Если аренда посуточно в Ашдод не предусматривает трехразового питания, всегда можно легко найти кафе, рестораны с национальной, русской или европейской кухней. The relaxation area has cafes, eateries. For the children's activities are offered to area attractions.

Importantly, Ashdod - a city that offers any rest. Lovers of cultural life are cultural centers, periodically open a variety of exhibitions, recitals. If you are an adherent of classics, best rent an apartment in Ashdod , not far from the Academy of Ballet, directs a famous choreographer Valery Panov. But even without a visit to the ballet you have a choice before going to the conservatory, dance group performances, youth and chamber orchestra. That is, a cultural holiday in Ashdod each day will be extensive.

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