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Israel Attractions

Israel Attractions

Israel attracts many tourists because of its interest in the unique history and mix of different cultures. Is an ancestor of the three religions and the homeland for many peoples around the world.On "Promised Land" are dozens of modern seaside resorts of the Red and Mediterranean Sea, as well as picturesque landscapes of the Negev and the Judean Hills grim. Special natural characteristics of the Dead Sea does not cease to attract the attention of tourists from different parts of the world.

Tel Aviv

Tel Avivor "Hill of Spring" - one of the oldest cities in Israel. Initially, Tel Aviv was founded as a northern suburb of the port city of Jaffa in 1909 and was called Ahuzat byte. Its present name of the city received, a year after its founding.After 5 years the population of close to 2,000 people, and in the 30's he became the center of the Palestinian Jewish community. Now the population of Tel Avivmore than 1 million people, the city became a great metropolis with the largest banks, influential companies, representative offices of foreign states. Historic attractions in the city is small enough - it is because the city is still relatively young, and his story is not so rich.

Being in Tel Aviv, is to look at the following locations:

- Independence Palace, where in 1948 it was proclaimed an independent state of Israel;

- Migdal Opera - complex, situated on the seafront and is a huge cultural and shopping and entertainment center;

- The famous Jewish theater "Habima";

- Museum of Performing Arts, which is located on Boulevard Shaul ha Melech,. He founded in 1971 and famous for its unique architecture;

- Library and Art Museum Shaar Zion;

- Museum of the Diaspora Bet ha-Hatefutsoth, founded in 1978 and located in the area of ​​one of the largest universities in Israel;

- Museum "Land of Israel" or Eretz Yisrael, which appeared in 1953 and has a huge collection of objects of different historical cultures and its library;

- Colorful neighborhoods of Dizengoff and Neve Tzedek, Cinematheque, Azriel skyscraper Center, Gallery of Art Bruno Gelleri, the house-museum of the poet Chaim Nachman Bialik, and the house-museum of political leader, David Ben-Gurion.

Tel Aviv- A fairly young city and the historic call it, still can not.Rather, it is a business center, bustling activity and nightlife. He concentrated in his commercial, industrial, financial, sports, entertainment and cultural centers.Literally on every street or avenue today there are thousands of cafes, shops, restaurants, supermarkets and various markets.

Life in Tel Aviv is literally full of vivid sensations, constant movement.

Youth will be interesting to see the bar "Buzz-Stop" clubs "Stephen Brown" and "Docks", the Russian club, "Damn," a restaurant with Oriental cuisine, "Abulafia," and restaurant "Caucasus".Also pay attention to the sports complex "Sportek", visit the Caramel Market, located under the open sky in the quarter, Yemen and is one of the largest bazaars in the Middle East, take a stroll in the park Hayarkon, famed for its green lawns, a rock garden in the Japanese style , bird parkth Tsapari, botanical gardens and even in these mills, of which there are seven of them. Local zoo is considered one of the best zoos in Asia.

Yacht Clubs located in the city of Tel Aviv, is considered one of the most comfortable on the Mediterranean.Aquapark "Meymadon" with a huge variety of attractions and a whole childhood town, long beaches, plenty are equipped with all necessary amenities and more interesting. All of this - a wonderful, truly living city of Tel Aviv.


Jaffa- One of the oldest, continuously inhabited cities in the world and also the main port of the old Israel. According to legend it was in Jaffa Noah built his ark, and it is here that Perseus freed Andromeda.And hence the prophet Jonah began his journey to the Apostle Peter came here his vision, it began to return Jews to Israel.

Ancient Jaffa has long been united with Tel Aviv in a single metropolis and is now a major tourist and artistic center.Numerous restaurants, art galleries, flea markets, museums, shops and many other interesting places worthy of attention.

Populated city of Jaffa in the main creative people - artists, sculptors, musicians, etc.

On ancient streets of the town you can wander endlessly, discovering each time something new. Certainly worth looking at the theater, "Ha-Simta" museum of antiquity and historical museums Jaffaand Tel Aviv, the theater, "Gesher" in one of the halls which are in Russian, Frank Meisler Sculpture Salon, the archaeological museum in the underground area and a disco Kdumim "Megalopolis," which is Russian. In the old town of Jaffamany shops and art galleries, from which we can distinguish the gallery hand-knitted "Gabrielle."

To the south of the city of Jaffa lies the town of Bat Yam, who is perhaps the most beloved seaside resort of Israelis.Sandy beaches stretch for three miles, there is a large park, cultural and recreational center, "Ben-Ari," museum "House of the fisherman," recreation center and even a huge artificial ice rink.

In Ramle, located 20 km away. Tel Aviv, you can see the minaret of the mosque "White Tower" of the 13th century and the Church of Nicodemus and Joseph, 1902.

Also, about 20 km. from Tel Aviv is located, the Lod (Lud), which, according to ancient legend, buried St. George. In place of the alleged tomb in the 6th century basilica was built on the ruins of a Crusader church was erected.Church after the devastation of the set was finally restored in 1870. Also quite well-preserved two ancient mosques, a caravanserai and a bath. In the area of ​​Modi'in preserved a large number of burial mounds, which are hidden beneath the ruins of ancient settlements and numerous burial.

Jerusalem is the history around us

Among the many attractions of Israel is considered a major ancient city with long history, the historical and the modern capital city - Jerusalem.The existence of this city has been going from 3 to 7000 years, scientists have not yet come to a unanimous opinion about its age. This city combines the traditions and customs of the three world religions. This town was originally in the reign of King David was known as Jebus and since ancient times, Jerusalemcombined and preserved in a huge number of memorable places of historical, cultural and national values, for which the inspection will take more than one day.

Jerusalem is surrounded by mountains, one of which, namely, Pancake Mountain,at an altitude of 793 m located observation platform, which offers wonderful views of the city. Kidron River separates the old town with its ancient walls, domed churches and narrow buildings, high minarets. For the followers of the Christian religion Jerusalemthe main shrine is famous for the temple of the Holy Sepulcher, which was established in the early XII century AD and, having survived many wars and destruction, restored and takes pilgrims to the Christian quarter of the city.Also in this quarter are Edicule chapel, known as the Tomb of the Lord and was built in 1810, the Church of the Resurrection of Christian relics such as a piece of the crown of thorns, crowning the brow of Jesus Christ, going to his execution. Here aredestroyed by the quarry, which was the first church persecuted the Christian religion, which stands near the Church of the Redeemer, the tragic Calvary, stone Unction, Church of St. Helena, founded by the Greeks, biblical forefather Adam Chapel.In the same area you can visit Alexandria yard and the church of Alexander Nevsky, above the shattered gates of Judgement. Thanks to so many historical relics of different ages and different religions are concentrated in one place, Jerusalemincluded in the official list of registered World Heritage Site, which is based UNESCO. Among the famous churches of the Old Town can be listed and visit the Church of the Atonement, such as built in 1898, the ancient Church of St. John the Baptist, dating back to the VIII.the birth of Christ, who are on the street Muristan. The Old City is also still more ancient church of Helena and Constantine, built in the VI century AD. Among the Christian buildings could also be called an orthodox monastery, the monastery of the Saviour, which is called the Holy Savior,buildings of the Patriarchate of the Roman Catholic Church and the seminary near the Jaffa Gate and the New, as well as building the Greek Patriarchate.

Believing Christians can go to JerusalemSad way (Via Delaroza), in which took place last path of Jesus in his lifetime, a slave to Calvary. From the Lion's Gate and up to the Calvary to put all the way churches and monuments dedicated to this sacred event.Near Via Delaroza are Gefsimiansky garden, a place where Christ was arrested, the ancient monastery of St. Anna, which is considered the mother of St. Mary, Chapel of the Flagellation and Convictions, the Church of Our Lady of Christian Martyr, as well as underground sheep font (Bethesda), Chapel of the Holy Martyr Veronica monastypb Sisters of Zion, Omrim school, established on the site of an ancient fortress Antonia and Herod family tomb of the family. All of this ancient and revered sites of Christianity.

Via_Delaroza separates the Old City Christian Quarter of the Muslim.To the north of it is the Muslim holy Har-a-Moriya (Temple Mount) and the sacred courtyard Haram-esh-Sherif. Near the golden dome of the mosque, which has several names. It is called the Dome of the rock and, or Mosque of Omar and another Dome of the Rock and built it into a 688-692 years.over where it was located dl Solomon Temple, the sanctuary is kept according to ancient legend a unique relic of the Ark of the Covenant. According to the Islamic religion is the prophet of this sanctuary was taken up into heaven to make unbreakable covenants of faith.It is the oldest in the world of Muslim religious building, which is also famous for miraculous imprint of a foot in the natural rock of the prophet and holy in the form of three hairs from his beard. A little south of the mosque are also revered Al-Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the chain, and the Prophet Elias.

In the south-west quarter begins third religion, worshiped in Jerusalem - Jewish Quarter. This region also boasts numerous historical monuments and religious shrines. On the territory of the quarter are fragments of a guard tower of the ancient city of Jerusalem, The citadel of David Robinson Arch, the Hasmonean tunnel, south wall, arch, and Wilson, Berkeley, 7Uorrena well, and the layout of the First Temple built by King Solomon and the Museum of the History of Jerusalem.But the most famous structure can be regarded as the Wailing Wall, the western wall of the only surviving temple in Jerusalem, made up of huge monolithic stones. To her staircase Ma'alot Rabbi Yehuda, in which pilgrims are constantly.Religious strictures every Jew must once a year to come to the temple in Jerusalem, so the Western Wall - is the most visited place of Jerusalem, near which   constantly Pilgrims pray.There is a belief that if you leave here a note with an appeal to God, then it is sure to be heard, so that every visitor leaves in the crevices of the walls of his message.

Another historic district - it's Valley of the Kings, which is located in the southwest of the Temple Mount, near Gethsemane Church and Valley Geyena. The main object of attention in this valley - the City of David, the famous fact that it is here at the time of King David began the construction of this ancient city.Have survived such ancient structures as a quadrangular pillar of Absalom, Arch tanners, the tomb of the family and Bnei Hezir oldest district of Ophelia, meaning "hill."

But the monuments of Jerusalemfound not only in the Old City, but also outside it. The most important building of the modern city - it is a municipality in the area of ​​Safra and striking in its beauty. Just west of the area within walking distance are the Russian Compound (Migrash Rusim ha)and odnoprestolny Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. Nearby you can see the Court of First Instance, as well as the Underground Prisoners Museum, located where a British prison.For religious monuments in the area include the Abyssinian Church and the Christian monastery of St. Joseph, Synagogue Clock Tower, built in 1906 and the quarter "Hundred Gates" in which Orthodox Jews are placed. Among modern memorials along the main street of Jaffa, one can not forgetDavidki area, which is named after the mortar "davidka," which was a popular weapon in the war for independence Israel, Allenby memorial erected in honor of the liberation of Jerusalem.Modern urban architecture in the middle of the historical relics of the striking concert hall Binyaney-a'Uma, which translates as The Palace of the nation. This hall accommodates 3,000 people.

If you climb the hill of Givat Ram, you'll find yourself among the official buildings of modern Jerusalem.'re Located here

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