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Jewish Holidays

Israel New Year

Do you like New Year and do not want to wait for the end of December to arrange a holiday? Going to Israel, you can legitimately make it back in   beginning of September!It was a time when we have only just begun autumn coincides with Tishri in the Jewish state, during which states and Rosh Hashanah, the most important day in the view of Israelis, because on this day God appeared on earth. New Year Israel, however, is not celebrated by pomp and rich - it's time for people of prayer and inner concentration. Strictly adhered to the traditions, rituals are performed. Be sure to prepare the apples and honey, fish, pomegranate - dishes that are symbols of hope, before the adoption of which is necessary to pray.New Year in Israel creates a magical atmosphere and transforms nice picture, opens his eyes - you will find on almost every door, lovely wreath with four candles, where each one is symbolic, and the people gladly will tell you their story. And it is this:the first candle - the light that Jesus brought to earth by their appearance, so it is lit, above all, for four weeks before Christmas. In each subsequent Sunday lights another candle, and a holiday wreath on the door emblazoned with four lights that sanctifies the home and protect it from harm and misfortune.People who are in Israel on the eve of New Year's incredibly lucky - they have a unique opportunity to see the capital, Tel Aviv, Eilat, or cities like Haifa, in all their festive attire. So, New Year in Israel - the time of magic and religious sacrament, a traditional festival that promises to open your country and culture from different angles.


Shabbat Celebration


Ahad Ha-Arn, a Jewish writer, who wrote "Do not be so many Jews have kept Shabbat, Shabbat askept the Jews ", quite rightly stressed the role of this holiday. Shabbos," gift of God ", is an occasion to connect with others, enabling them to enjoy food, both material and spiritual. May be celebrated   at home, with relatives or in the community, among friends.It is known that the joint work together, but when it comes to the transfer, preservation and development of the traditions, the Jewish families there especially successful, strengthening family ties and the chiding of respect for the traditions of their ancestors. It is also worth remembering that on Shabbate mentioned in the Ten Commandments, and on this day you can turn to God, and that makes this holiday the most important in the lives of Jews.In today's world, people now and then run off somewhere in a hurry and late, and this day of rest each week, given by God, - a unique opportunity to pause a moment and remember these timeless values ​​of family, faith and spiritual life.

Celebrating the Sabbath Beginning on Friday, the roots of traditions that are required for compliance, leads to the core, the ancient times. So, before people lit candles and bless the two - the symbols of God's light and consciousness, and also bless the wine - a symbol of sweetness, sweetness of life, challah bread and egg, cooked exactly toShabbat. When some people, financial situation which was far from even mid-level, knocking out power, saved and saved their entire week just to afford to pay tribute to the traditions of their ancestors and how to celebrate this important day. Amazing and culinary traditions to be observed on the eve of Shabbat: cooked chicken as a main dish, adding a table chicken soup au gratin and the original "sholent", which has its own ancient history and especially baking.Thus, it is done the night before the holiday, prepare for that day can not be served warm and is considered very important and useful food, especially if we recall that is sholent of potatoes, beans, onions and a small amount of meat.By the way, so important that before, when not every lady in the house was an oven, just to make the pudding, pastry stuffed attributed to community-based baker, taking away the next morning ready, hurrying home, happy family.




Eighth day of spring among the Jews - the day of deliverance of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt, as a day of great celebration of the Passover. "Seder" or the Last Supper is called the first evening of Passover. This evening ritual usually served meals. Children play a significant role.They learn the history and significance of the proposed symbolic dishes.

Passover is actually two ancient agricultural festival (Pesach Matza), unification into one. Pesach began to celebrate from the time when Moses led his people through the desert.Subsequently, the holiday became known as the seder. Matza came later, after the Jews have mastered agriculture. On the day of Passover Jews are invited to their homes of friends and community members.

During the Exodus, the Jews fled in haste, and they have not been able to wait for the rise yeast dough, for that reason they baked unleavened bread right in their backs when they fled from Pharaoh. Matza, ie unleavened bread, and just reminds us of this difficult period in their history.The whole Easter week the Jews do not serve meals on the table with dough, rice and beans. These days, yeast products, even carried out of the house. In the Sephardi observe the same traditions, but because of their dishes of Mediterranean origin are somewhat different.

Usually Seder - includes two nights of Easter.The second night seder better to the synagogue, where the entire community can gather. Pesach in women is becoming important, because women can come together and remember his significant role in saving Jews.


Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashana  htraditionally regarded as the anniversary of creation, in other words, is the birthday of all mankind, that is, New Year's Eve. Rosh Hashanah gives us the opportunity to meet with their families, to assess their spirituality. Always nice to see the New Year with family and friends.In the Book of Life written anything ever done everyone. All human actions on the day of Rosh Hashanah are considered in the heavens, are suing both good and bad things for the past year, given their assessment of that advantage.On Yom Kippur, it is said, who will live and who will die, but tough solutions Judges soften repentance, prayer and charity. Deeply symbolic wishes for Rosh Hashanah, "May you give a good year."

Traditionally, on Rosh Hashana  heating apples as a symbol of fertility, and that year was a "sweet" they are eaten with honey. Chalah round, bring to the table at Rosh Hashanah

symbolizes the infinity of life.


Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur

Holy day of Yom Kippur not just a holiday, and the most solemn holiday, which ends in ten days of repentance that began with Rosh Hashanah. During those ten days, Jews must remember their actions and think about them, give them your appraisal.It is said that you will not be forgiven as long as you do not ask for those whom you have offended or hurt anyone. In these days full of worshipers in synagogues .. All pray for the remission of sins committed knowingly or "unknowingly." Yom Kippur a very important holiday for all Jews, those who keep the tradition and for those who either rarely or not at all honors tradition. Yom Kippur - always a day of fasting. On Yom Kippur is not eating and not even cook.Sound horn of a ram horn, the shofar, ends day of prayer and fasting, after twenty-four Jews partake of sweets, sweets symbolizing the beginning of next year.


Sacred Jewish holiday Hanukkah

Sacred Jewish holiday Hanukkah

Hanukkah- An original and memorable holiday dedicated to the re-consecration. This event is celebrated in December, and the celebration lasted exactly eight days. An important event these days have become, thanks to the consecration of the Second Temple, which occurred 165 BC.While a small group of Jews managed to escape from the yoke of Syrian occupation forces who sought to destroy Judaism, so that all Jews were to be the Hellenists. Hanukah has an extraordinary importance because of the victory of the Jews to this day, their success in winning the right to freedom of choice of religion, of all people.Once reached desired and long awaited victory, the winners were primarily concerned with cleaning the holy temple, and the rededication of the altar, without which continued daily services was simply impossible.Despite the fact that the fact described below may not correspond to actual events, it is quite interesting. When the Jews were engaged in cleansing the temple, in their possession was only one bottle of oil, which was intended to ignite the sacred eternal fire. What has happened can be called a miracle.The fire went bankrupt exactly eight days, it is not requiring refueling. During this time Jews made fresh butter to its eternal flame. That is why the celebration of the sacred Hanukkah lasts for eight days. The process of the festival is as follows.The fire kindled in a specially adapted Menorah with eight bowls. On the first day one candle is lit, the second - the next. As a rule, Hanukkah cope in a warm and homelike atmosphere.Supportive families and bless the lit holiday candles, cook with butter, and enjoy its use in the family circle. On this wonderful day decided to give gifts, sing songs and celebrate the heart. Despite some similarities with Christmas, Hanukkah Jews is not.



Yom HaShoah

Yom HaShoah

Yom HaShoah was celebrated by Jews recently. This festival is celebrated annually in early May, and marks a very sad event. Yom HaShoah associated with the death of six million Jews that occurred in Europe in the years 1933-1945, as a result of the Nazi regime established by Adolf Hitler. During those terrible years, died about a third of all Jews living on the planet. Jews mark Yom HaShoah, Praying for the souls of the dead, remembering loved ones lost, and igniting in their memory sacred candles. Yom HaShoah was created to ensure that people do not forget about those terrible events, and prayed for ensuring that this never happens again.



Yom Haatsmaut - a kind of birthday of Israel

The origin of Yom Haatsmaut associated with the following events. At the time of the Holocaust was brutal extermination of Jews, after which all mankind thought that the nation would never recover his strength.In spite of everything, in May 1948, three years after the end of a terrible world war, has finally come true what people have been dreaming of for two thousand years, wandering and seeking refuge in foreign lands. In 1948 an event occurred, which is the subject of Yom Haatsmaut- Revival of the Jewish state called Israel. Haatsmaut Yom became incarnate birthday of this country. Yom Haatsmaut similar to the American Independence Day.


  Holiday    Lag Ba Omer

Lag Ba Omer holiday

Lag Ba Omer - A holiday, the origin of which is connected with the existence of the Temple in Jerusalem. On this day, to visit the temple to pay tribute, to present a sheaf of Omer grain or, as in Hebrew "omer" - is a sheaf.

The seven weeks between Passover and Shaviotom are times of sorrow.This phenomenon is somewhat different explanation. The legend, the festival of Lag Ba Omer coincides with the date of death the righteous Rabbi Shimon Par-Yohayya, who before his death asked him not to mourn him, and having fun. Also, in giving states that Lag Ba Omer noted after cessation of the terrible plague.

Lag Ba Omer officially the holiday season opening picnic. It's noisy and cheerful festival, held annually on May 11. People gather in the squares, in parks, dancing, having fun, barbecue grill, cook different dishes for picnics.People are preparing sandwiches, snacks, baking cupcakes, treat each other.

The first shearing of the child - the boy is three years old was on holiday Lag Ba Omer.



Shavuot Holiday, which marks the Jewish people during the summer, in honor of bringing the gift of the Torah, which gave freedom to the people in the descent to Egypt. On the day of Shavuot also marks the beginning of the new agricultural season.It concludes the spring holidays, this day is calculated barley harvest, gather in Omer, who bring to the church on the second day of Passover.

Believers in this day go to the synagogue, they endure the Torah and read, as she presented the ball to people. Synagogue on the holiday of Shavuot is decorated with greenery.On this day, made use milk and flour foods. This is due to the fact that the Jews who returned from Mount Sinai, used just such a meal.

At Shavuot read the book of Ruth, on the one girl who was not Jewish, because of race which began David. This book is a harvest festival.


Simchat Torah

Celebrating Simchat Torah is associated with the pumping of the annual cycle of Torah reading. Read through the last chapter. But to show the continuity of the Torah, at once, and then starts to read it first. Simchat Torah to invite all men to read, from children to seniors.

Simchat Torah is one of the most bustling and happy holidays a year.

In this holidays for food use only round foods, which symbolizes the eternal cycle, the end is the beginning of something - something new. Also, the round form was protected from evil, as evil spirits can not get into a vicious circle.

In our time, celebrating Simchat Torah, the area tolerate Israeli flag, decorated with apples.



Holiday   Purim


The biblical book of Esther is very important for the Jews. This largely reflects the Purim, the most active and lively. In celebration of PurimJews have encouraged drinking alcoholic beverages. The Jewish people for a long time wandering in the Promised Land. These events occurred in ancient Persia, hidden in the mists of time, but they are so important to the Jewish people, that were recorded in the Bible. The end of this persecution is devoted to Purim.The streets are costumed festivities everywhere read the Book of Esther, accompanying cry of joy and laughter. On Purim, eat solid triangular pastry stuffed with - ha-Mantash.


Feast of Succoth


The Jewish people is very kind to nature and the world, he reveres tradition, remembers the hard times, when the Israelites wandered in the wilderness, everywhere searching for God's care. This concern has helped them get to the promised land as much as forty years. That these events devoted to holiday Succoth. It is equivalent to an American holiday - Thanksgiving. For several centuries, Jews thank God for the wonderful gifts and for the harvest.

Succoth begins with a sukkah, which is a temporary tree in the garden or any outdoor space. Succoth last eight days, during which time people are surrounded by close friends and good food. Additionally, people decorate the Sukkah with beautiful stalks of corn and pumpkins, use children's drawings. Olive Branch, a branch of myrtle, willow and etgora - all these charms Succoth. These characters have given people the rain, they correspond to the organs of the human body: the spine - a palm tree, his eyes - a willow, the lips - and the heart of myrtle - etrog.

The holiday of Tu Bishvat

Tu Bishvat

One of the Jewish holidays - a celebration of Arbor Day, in Hebrew, Tu Bishvat. On this day, people plant trees, it is called New Year trees. Tu Bishvat history started deep in antiquity. Refers to the spring agricultural traditions. With the holiday of Tu Bishvat associated with many customs, and one of them, who came to our times, is this - on this day, people should try at least fifteen different fruits. On the table during the holiday of Tu Bishvat home owners put a lot of dried, fresh, baked fruit.Number fifteen due to the fifteenth day of the month Sebat.


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