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Resorts of Israel

The resort Israel - a cascade of emotions

Organize your holiday in Israel, it is tempting for everyone. The natural beauty of this country will satisfy any traveler. Resorts of Israelwill enable you to regain strength, help maintain the attractiveness and feel the inner peace of mind. Hotels welcome you neat and comfortable rooms, and restaurants you can enjoy the wonderful fine dining for every taste.

Immersed in the gentle waves of the Gulf of Eilat, rolling to the shore bubbling warm rolls, you otogreete body and calm the nerves.Sam Eilat, located among the fertile oasis, protected by mountains which stretches for endless stony desert, remain in your memory the blue expanse of the Red Sea and the bright sunlight - so welcome to the inhabitants of northern countries.

Where little else will find this feeling, which is able to rest in Israel. The beaches, the ability to improve health, rejuvenation in luxurious spas ... Travel to this wonderful country - not just a vacation. This is the way to him.Excellent and always friendly to the guests leave Israel at heart an optimistic outlook on life.

Of Israel. Journey to the land of legend

Visit home of the Savior, to cure their ailments in the amazing healing power of its water from the Dead Sea, to join the values ​​of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions in one trip? This is feasible if the purchase tour to Israel.

In this country, every stone keeps the memory of the past and myths closely connected with history. Each traveler will find something here for you. Recreation in Israel - and this is an opportunity to relax in a lounge chair on the beach, and a chance to see the remains of ancient buildings, and pilgrimages to holy places.  

Duringtravel to Israel you will receive extraordinary experience of mixing romance of antiquity, the proximity of the Holy Land and an excellent opportunity to improve their health at the Dead Sea.

Necklace cities-resorts of Israel

All three seas - the Mediterranean, the Dead and Red - washing the shores of Israel, to offer tourists from different countries all the possibilities for an unforgettable vacation. Resorts of Israel are an example of impeccable service. Eilat, Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya - city, always ready to to receive guests.Diversity that provide leisure resorts of Israel, is amazing - it's snorkeling, windsurfing, yachting and more. You can visit many interesting places in the country. Here there are amusement parks, and aquariums, and, of course, the monuments of ancient Israel's history.Being, for example, in Eilat you can visit the many entertainment venues and sports clubs. Hotel service of Israel favorably high quality service, comfortable hotel rooms and the ability to pick up vacation affordable.Israel is happy guests, and anyone who has been here, will certainly be pleased to remember the time spent in this country.  

Visit Tel Aviv

In contrast to Jerusalem, which is the political and spiritual center of the country, Tel Aviv - the focus of commerce and culture, a huge dynamic metropolis, where life never stops all day.The city is located in the heart of Israel, and hence travelers convenient access to every corner of the country and in the evening to be back at his hotel. Here you can easily organize your business meetings and have fun, do shopping and relax at the bar.This city due to its cosmopolitan does not cause rejection of foreigners.

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv, as well as other resorts of Israel, has everything you need to rest. Its sandy beach stretches for thirteen miles.Quay of Tel Aviv - one of the favorite places for walking. You can visit cafes and restaurants, which offer a sea view. The marina for yachts can be seen up to three hundred ships, and in the port of ancient Jaffa sample delicious seafood at nearby restaurants.

Hotels in Tel Aviv have five thousand rooms, for the most unpretentious guests, so for those who prefer a high level of comfort. Most hotels are located in the center and the most luxurious hotels are located directly on the coast.Since Tel Aviv is an important business center of Israel, the largest hotel provides rooms equipped for business and entire floors. Not far from the luxury hotels on the sea close to the street can see and cheap hostel for young people.

Visiting resorts of Israel, Do not forget about the country's cultural life. In Tel Aviv's many museums. For example, the Diaspora Museum on the history of the Jewish people. The central theme of the museum exhibits - the life and culture of Jewish communities over the past two and a half thousand years.Here you can see models of famous synagogues, movies, explaining the basic foundation of tradition and faith.

Products of local handicrafts and art works can be seen in the museum "Zrey Israel."There is also a renovated planetarium, and you can plunge into the fascinating world of fantastic journeys into the depths of space.Tel Aviv Museum has a remarkable collection of paintings, and it includes paintings by Rembrandt, and Roy Lichtenstein, and, of course, most famous painters of Israel.

Music lovers can visit the Center for Arts. Golda Moir, who is Israeli Opera House.The former operator was located on the waterfront, where there is now a respectable house - "Opera Tower".

In Tel Aviv love to buy the picture, and, passing on Gordon Street in the downtown area, you can see many art galleries. Here is also the world famous "Sotheby's."

Holidays on the Red Sea. Eilat

Israel resorts can boast of a warm sea and the tourist industry. Eilat fully possesses all the qualities of a modern resort.It is located in the south of Israel, and immediately began to develop as a tourist destination, becoming one of the most attractive places for tourists from many countries. Such an abundance of sun and sea where few can still be found, because the sea is always heated to 21-25 0 C, while the sun shines almost all year round.

Fans will be able to rest on the sea and plenty of Nakupavshis in the Red Sea, and to watch the underwater world, plunging into the deep diving. Fans will experience the local windsurfing wave sailing and prefer - can ride on a yacht.There is also an opportunity to take a walk on the sea and watch the iridescent colors of all the underwater world of coral reefs through the transparent bottom of the pleasure boat or visit the underwater observatory. This beauty will not be able to show no other resorts in Israel.Do not stay and die-hard anglers vnaklade - you can hunt for tuna and even barracuda. Picturesque landscapes of the Negev desert travelers will face during the excursion by camel or jeep.

Like all the resorts of IsraelEilat has a comfortable hotel with impeccable service in the immediate vicinity of the sea, and many cafes, restaurants, dance halls and clubs, nobody will be bored.

Back to life the world of the Dead Sea

Located at four hundred meters below sea level, the Dead Sea has earned a reputation as one of the main tourist sites. There are nearby and green oases, and a lifeless desert.

The road to the Dead Sea runs through historic places, covered with legends.If you drive from Jerusalem to the northern shore of the Dead Sea, about thirty minutes to reach Jericho - the age of this city has 10,000 years. He ancient Egyptian pyramids. Here you can see the palace of Hashim.Quite a number of places associated with the life of the Savior - Mount of Temptation, Zaccheo tree, the source of the prophet Elisha.

After passing to the south, travelers are near the ruins of Qumran, which is associated finding the Dead Sea Scrolls. After Qumran road leads to the Ayn Feshha, famous for its perennial spring.After visiting the caves near Al gels, moving further south, the travelers get to the cliffs of Masada. On the cliff are ruined palace of King Herod. They became a patriotic symbol of Israel, because there were events related to the struggle for independence from Rome, as colorfully described them witness, Josephus.From the rock you can admire the picturesque views of the surrounding area. To get to the rock can be by cable car or on foot. Especially delightful spectacle called off a cliff at dawn. Since mid-spring to mid autumn here are light and sound show.

Besides the historical monuments and Christian holy sites, attract tourists to the Dead Sea excellent leisure facilities. Hotels Ein Bokek and Neve Zohar with different numbers of stars have a half thousand rooms. Resorts of IsraelThe Dead Sea specialize in the use of its rich recreational resources. In the larger hotels tend to offer the full range of medical and cosmetic procedures using what are so rich in Dead Sea - Mineral waters and mud.Aside from the usual holiday guests to inhalation, and sulfur mud baths, massages and much more.

Get the full range of necessary medical procedures may also be in the public and commercial clinics. Despite the more modest surroundings, they can regain strength and significantly improve your health.

The temperature of water in the Dead Sea is dropping in February to 19, and by August rises to 31 degrees. Resorts in Israel are somewhat similar, but each has its own peculiarities. The Dead Sea is unique - as part of its water lot chloride (212.4 g / l), bromine (5.1 g / L), sulfate (0.47 g / l), magnesium (40.7 g / l), sodium (39.2 g / l), calcium (1.86 g / l) and potassium (7.3 g / l).Magnesium contained in the water cures from the bronchi and allergic diseases of the skin. In this respect, the Dead Sea is unique, because magnesium is found here in a half dozen times more than ocean water.

Bromine is remarkably affects the nervous system, and its contents are also significantly higher than in the water of the oceans.The unusual combination of highly mineralized water, dry air and plenty of sunlight, which has a milder effect due to the Status of the Dead Sea, to help people cope with many of its ills. Doctors often recommend their patients to visit the Dead Sea.Many experienced the miraculous effect of his note an improvement in their condition and ready to come again to this place. Among the indications for treatment at the Dead Sea can be noted such diseases as bronchitis, asthma, psoriasis, rheumatism, and vitiligo. Not only patients visiting resorts of IsraelThe Dead Sea, but even entire sports teams are chosen here to recuperate after difficult events.

Netanya - a paradise for family tourism

Netanya has a mild climate subtropical, stretched for many miles, sandy beaches.Excellent hotel, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea will open its doors to its guests. All resorts offer excellent Israeli level of service in hotels, and Netanya is no exception.Restaurants, outdoor cafes, shops, souvenir stalls and a wide selection of various cheap vegetables in the local market - all this can be found in the home-comfortable downtown. In the recently opened on the shores of the amphitheater are often held various musical events and art exhibitions.Netanya is ideal for family holidays, it is convenient to go on trips all over Israel. Netanya to visit, like the other resorts of Israel, it is possible all year round.

Tiberias - health resort and a center of pilgrimage

Known since ancient times the city of Tiberias is located on the shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee, among the magnificent expanse of Galilee. The climate is mild. The generous nature of these places and thermal springs of Tiberias allowed to become a major health resort.The resort perfectly cured rheumatism, vascular and trauma-induced disease. I should say that its thermal springs are known and such resorts of Israel - such as "Ein Gedi", "Herods Vitalis," "Caramel Woods."They provided a full range of services such as prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Tiberias attracts not only patients, but also many tourists and pilgrims, because the city is located near the places where Jesus performed his miracles. Nearby, on the banks of the Jordan Jesus was baptized.The vicinity of Tiberias preserved many monuments of ancient Israel, the Roman Empire and the Crusades.

At some resorts of Israel would not hit the tourists, you can be sure that whenever they meet a hearty welcome and will be given a high level of service. Resorts of Israel are waiting for their guests!

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