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Art project in the city of Netanya - Sea Opera

Russians are buying luxury apartments in the elite projects Netanya!

Towers Sea Opera - this is the most high-rise residential buildings-class on the sea front in Israel, will soon speak in Russian: 25 apartments in this project in the price range from 600,000 to 3,000,000 dollars become wealthy Russians. Among these people - Russia's businessmen, "stars" Russia's pop, Moscow officials, well-known figures of Russia science.

Two unique buildings Sea Opera, faced with granite with a silver hue, were built on the sea front and at the most prestigious street - Nice Boulevard in Netanya. As one of the representatives of investors Yair Tavivian (Tavivian Group), home of the project are the highest residential buildings in Israel, located on the first line along the seashore. One of the buildings 27 storeys, the second of them - 32-storey. In houses of this project has a swimming pool, sports halls, saunas, underground parking. The project was developed, world-renowned architect Gabi Tetro.
project to build a company Denia Sibus ", which is owned by Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev.

According to the owners of the project, in the second, the highest tower of the project, despite the ending finishing work already sold 95%. Sales Sea Opera deliberately not targeted to the native Israelis - the houses were designed for more affluent buyers from UK, USA and CIS countries. Even the site of the project with the original was made only in Russian and English languages.
Башни Sea Opera

citizens of Russia have already bought 26 apartments in the project Sea Opera. Among the buyers of apartments in this project is dominated by Moscow and St. Petersburg.
new tenants a unique project Sea Opera, may soon become a singer and Alexander Rosenbaum, who recommends this project to his friends around him.

sources are closely related to the project, said that many buyers of apartments in the project Sea Opera, attracted to the "abundance of Russian-speaking neighbors and close friends, living in Israel, so the buyer to buy housing from the fact that" the fear of escalation of the crisis in Russia. "

most exclusive part of the new tower Sea Opera - two-story penthouse on the 31-32 floors of the house waiting for its buyer. In the elite flat-the palace of the general make a mistake-450 sq ft, plus 90kv.m balconies with panoramic sea views from all windows of the penthouse, a computer system running the house "smart house, swimming pool, sauna, a separate elevator! The cost of the miracle of architecture and luxury - $ 5,000,000. Also there are 4.5 room apartment at a price of 600.000 $

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