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Trips to Israel

We offer the most interesting and popular tours.


Rates for 2010-2011


Jerusalem Christian
Panorama of modern and ancient Jerusalem. Visit the Mount of Olives - Gethsemane.Church of the Passion and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin. The holy places on Mount Zion - Room of the Last Supper. Temple of the Holy Sepulchre. Golgotha ​​- the burial place of Jesus. Way of the Cross - the last five stops. The Wailing Wall.



Jerusalem review
Overview of Jerusalem.Modern neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Yad Vashem - the Holocaust museum. Walk around the Old City: Jewish Quarter excavations of ancient Jerusalem, Calvary Wailing Wall, the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher, Cardo street.



Bethlehem. Russian Jerusalem.
Gorny Convent - Ein Kerem. Bethlehem - Church of the Nativity. Mount of Olives - Russian monasteries of Mary Magdalene, Holy Ascension. If time permits, visit Russian Compound.



Jerusalem - 3 Religions
Mount Zion, Room of the Last Supper, King David's tomb.Wailing Wall, the Old Town. Panorama of Jerusalem. Way of the Cross - the last five stops. Temple of the Holy Sepulchre.



Galilee Christian. Nazareth. Tiberias
Valley of Armageddon. In Nazareth: Church of the Annunciation. The village of Cana of Galilee. Place of Baptism - the Jordan River. The Sea of ​​Galilee, Tiberias.Place Sermon on the Mount - Mount of the Beatitudes. Temple Multiplication Loaves and Fishes - Tabgha.



The cave. Monasteries.
Latrun Monastery Silent, monastic wine. Place the appearance of Jesus after the resurrection Emmaus Park "Canada" and Ctalaktitovye cave. Tomb of Samuel the prophet.Place of birth of John the Baptist Ein Kerem. Examination of female Gorensky monastery.



Dead Sea. Masada *
Judean Desert. Factory shop of cosmetics from the Dead Sea. Recreation and swimming at the beach. Ascent to Massada - Fortress of King Herod.



Caesarea. Haifa. Acre / Friends
Caesarea - the city of King Herod, the Roman theater, Byzantine street. Haifa - the Bahai Temple and Persian Gardens. Acre - the ancient port and the capital of the Crusaders.



Haifa. Acco. Rosh Hanikra
Haifa - the Bahai Temple and Persian Gardens. Acre - the ancient port and the capital of the Crusaders.Rosh Hanikra - white stone cave grottos.



Dead Sea. Ein Gedi SPA.
Judean Desert. Factory shop of cosmetics from the Dead Sea. Recreation and swimming at the beach. Ein Gedi SPA - health center with hydrogen sulfide pools, Jacuzzis, mud treatments, beach.



Dead Sea. Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
Judean Desert. Factory shop of cosmetics from the Dead Sea. Biblical Ein Gedi Nature Reserve: The Rise of David to the waterfalls. Recreation and swimming in the Dead Sea.



Dead Sea. SPA in the hotel with dinner.
Wellness SPA complex in a hotel located right on the beach with private beach. A swimming pool with sea and fresh water, sauna, jacuzzi, gym and lunch at the hotel.


* When you log on to Massada payment is made on site at a rate of $ 16.

Rules and recommendations for sightseeing.

· Estimated time of collection, and send out a bus for a tour - 7:30, time to return to the hotel - 18.30.

· Departure is from Netanya and Tel Aviv. Departure from Jerusalem is only possible for tours to the Dead Sea and Jerusalem.

·Groups are formed with a minimum of rest.

For trips using comfortable buses equipped with air conditioning.

· Tours are conducted in Russian by qualified guides.

·Recommendation: consult with breakfast at your hotel administration, as with the participation of a group tour, you can skip breakfast. If you put a hotel administrator promptly notified, you can cook breakfast in a dry road.

While on vacation in Egypt, you can also go on trips to Israel!

Tours of Egypt to Israel.

Day tours from Egypt to Israel with the departure of Taba, Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

To carry out tours in IsraelEgypt organized the company pick up tourists at hotels in the city of Taba, Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. After that, a group of tourists on comfortable buses delivered to migrate to the border with Israel in Taba neighborhood of Elayt.Individual tourists are coming to the border crossing on cars. To conduct tours in Israel, all the tourists drawn official personal invitation to participate in tours of Israel, and an invitation to do at the border checkpoint of Egypt, and Israel.Ride in buses and cars comfortable and pleasant as they are air conditioned.

Check out the group on tours of Israel, carried out late at night. From the hotel, located in Sharm El-Sheikh, the group uses about 23.00.Of the hotels in Hurghada departure occurs before the Taba hotels are located nearby. Excursions to Israel begins with a trip to the border, which takes place at night. After passing through the checkpoint into Israel group meets the guide.The route of travel to Jerusalem runs through Elayt and the Dead Sea, the beach, which travelers have the opportunity to relax, dress up and enjoy the waters of the Dead Sea for an hour. Before reaching the Dead Sea, the driver must make a short stop to rest.You can visit the Israeli cafe and relax with a cup of coffee. From the Dead Sea to Jerusalem is about an hour away.

The first stage of Tour of Israel - Survey the city from the Mount of Olives, is a panorama of Old Town, the dream of all pilgrims.Old City of Jerusalem - the main objective of all travelers who choose to tour Israel. This is where you walk through the ancient streets of the city, visit the temple of the Holy Sepulcher, see Anointing Stone, and you can ascend to Calvary.You will see the cave in which the body of Jesus dying on the cross, and in which there was a resurrection of Christ. You will be able to go into the cave and touch the holy bed. The next stage in Israel tours through the old city of Jerusalem will be a trip to the Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall.Despite the limited time tour through the Old Town, you will have enough time to touch the sacred Wall and put a note. Duration in Israelallows passage way of the Cross, to visit the Garden of Gethsemane, Temple Praying in the Garden, to visit the Christian Orthodox Church of the Dormition of the Virgin. You will have time to climb up to Mount Zion and to see the Room of the Last Supper.

In a Christian store, which sells church attributes, you can buy candles for the consecration of the temple and souvenirs. Of course, women are interested in store that provides cosmetics from the Dead Sea. Here you can buy the original makeup of superior quality. Trips to Israelin Jerusalem include dinner at one of the most prestigious restaurants with decent food. The way back to the border crossing and control passes without stopping, guide escorts guests to the full completion of the passport control.There are guided tours in Jerusalem for two days or more for those wishing to study in detail

holy sights.

The two-day tour of Egypt to Israel.

The first day in Jerusalem, a two-day tour in Israelhas the same program as the trip to Jerusalem for one day. Duration is a time limit, but it is associated with registration and check-in the city. At the request of guests can be booked the hotel from the category of three stars and ending with a class of "De Luxe".Guide accompanies the group of tourists to the hotel, provides assistance in the settlement and clearance. The property offers two meals a day: breakfast and dinner. Lunch is scheduled for a day of sightseeing in a prestigious restaurant in Israel.

The second day tour in Israelincludes a trip to Bethlehem and visit the Church of the Nativity. You'll also see Milk Grotto and visit the Field of Shepherds. This excursion takes place in Jerusalem in the morning. After lunch you will go to the Mediterranean. You are waiting for sightseeing tours in Israelin Tel Aviv and the ancient city of Jaffa. In Jaffa you will see the church of St. Peter and Simon Tanner home, can enjoy Rock Andromeda.

There is another version of the tour in Israel, offering a trip to the Galilee.There you can see the church of the Archangel Gabriel and the Church of the Annunciation located in Nazareth. Then you will ride on the Sea of ​​Galilee and the Mount of Beatitudes in Tiberias in Capernaum, you will see orthodox church of the Twelve Apostles, in Tabgha inspect the temple of the Wonders of the loaves and fishes, walk washing in the Jordan River. In this embodiment, the second day tour is also scheduled nB Israel dinner, which will be held at a restaurant in Lake Kinneret.The main dish of local restaurants - St. Peter's fish lunch menu included on the second day.

At the end of the second day tour of Israel, tourists are sent to the border crossing point and return to Egypt.

Excursion programs are designed not only to tour groups, but also for rest.

Tours are conducted by experienced graduate. Moving around the country are carried on passenger cars and buses from all amenities.

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