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Photgallerey Caesarea

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Information about<br /> CaesareaInformation about


Historical background

For the first time the place where the city Caesarea, mentioned in the Papyrus Zenon, dating to 259 BC. Here, on the one side of the bay during the Persian rule the Phoenicians built their settlement. In the Hellenic period in this place there was a settlement Dore, later - the settlement of Strato Tower. The 103 BC, they were captured by Alexander Jannaeus. After 40 years of Rome to win the settlements, and the 30th BC Tower of Straton was presented to Herod. Here, King Herod in honor of his friend, the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus, and built a city Caesarea.

Town was built about 12 years. His project contained a parallel and intersecting streets. The city settled residential areas, an amphitheater, church, etc.

Ethnic makeup of the city was different. This caused conflict between Jews and Gentiles. In the 66th AD Jewish revolt broke out, which was suppressed by the Roman legions. Vespasian was proclaimed emperor. The city acquired the status of the colony, and after the destruction of Jerusalem became a city of the Roman procurators. In 3-4 centuries of our time in Caesarea living communities pagans, Jews, Samaritans and Christians. During this period, Caesarea successfully flourished. In the late 6th century of our time have built the fortress wall, making it the most fortified city in the country.

Despite the strengthening of the wall, the city was conquered by the Arabs, and has lost its political and economic status. There was only a small port and a population which never left him. Only in the late 9th century AD, through the development of maritime trade, the city once again strengthened its political and economic status.

In the early 2nd millennium AD, the city was captured by the Crusaders Beit face. A little later, in 1265 - destroyed by the Mamelukes and leave the population.

Until the late 19th century remained in the ruins of Caesarea. After the Turkish authorities have settled here of refugees from Bosnia. The ruins of the Crusaders were the location for the new settlement, and the castle became the administrative center.


Caesarea theater is one of the oldest theaters found in the country. Was built by King Herod, and for hundreds of years to function. The theater has two tiered structure and can accommodate 4,000 seats. Background of the scene before the wall of the theater, which is based on the columns.

Palace on the reef belongs to the Byzantine period. There was a swimming pool, which was used as the city fish market.

The amphitheater was built by King Herod during his reign and served for fun: sports, races chariots, etc. The amphitheater has 12 rows and can accommodate 10 000 spectators.

After the amphitheater ceased to function at half of its territory was built sauna. It was distinguished for its magnificent interior decoration.

Administrative and economic area of ​​Caesarea is the construction of the Roman and Byzantine periods. Most often, they were above the arches, which served as a warehouse.

In the Arab period, ie in the ninth century AD, was a fortified city built around the port. He lasted until the end of the age of crusaders. After the building were added, such as a high wall, a fortress in the south-north side of town, which was enclosed by a moat.

During the reign of Herod the king had built an artificial harbor. It included the embankment, inner and outer harbor. Outside was a 400 meter breakwater. The port was abandoned during Arab rule, and only to the 9th century, was restored. During the Crusaders built the breakwater of the additional posts. In the Middle Ages on the site of the inner harbor formed a settlement. Currently on the site of the inner harbor marina is built.

King Herod built a platform on which he built a magnificent temple. On a long street was built area of ​​statues, which were installed two statues. The first one was created out of white marble, and another - from furfira.

Discovered the ruins of a synagogue proves that Jews lived in the city. Perhaps there were entire neighborhoods. On the site of the ruins of the synagogue is the mosaic floor, marble fragments, etc.

In the north-western part of town are the remains of a Roman building walls, a square tower and gate. Also in the Byzantine period the town was fortified by a wall (total length of it - 2,600 meters, she represented a form of arch), with towers and gates.

In the second century AD, was elevated to the racetrack. It was designed to match the chariots, and included 30 000 seats. In the arena of the racetrack towering columns, as well as the obelisk, whose height is about 27 meters.

The city had constructed two water delivery systems. The upper and lower aqueduct aqueduct. The upper aqueduct, consisting of arched walls, bringing water from distant sources. Lower aqueduct to deliver water from an artificial reservoir.

Modern Caesarea

Today the ancient city there were only ruins, which lie near Netanya. Its territory is the National Park and Reserve, which actively pursued archaeological excavations. Because of the variability of sea level most of them carried out under water. Were unearthed manuscript containing the first mention of Nazareth and Pontius Pilate, Pilate's plate with an inscription dedicated to the Emperor Tiberius.

Modern Caesarea (Caesarea) was placed north of the ancient ruins. The new city was founded in 1977, its population in 2008 was 4,700.

Distinctive features of this unique city is one-and two-story cottages and villas (individual development), making it more like a village. Townspeople here live very well off, having a high income.

Today in Caesarea built:

- Museum Ralli, on archaeological finds in the city;

- Elementary School;

- The country's first golf club and golf course;

- Dan Caesarea Hotel.

Map of  CaesareaMap of

Distances to other cities from Caesarea Distances to other cities from

The climate in the area of Caesarea The climate in the area of

Weather in Caesarea
As of Netanya, a city located Caesarea on the Mediterranean coast. Therefore, Caesarea is typical for this region the weather: the winter is not very cold, and summers are scorching and humid.

Caesarea: Landmarks and Historic SitesCaesarea: Landmarks and Historic Sites

Built by King Herod and served as the capital of the country during the period of Roman domination, the Palestinian Caesarea was first mentioned in the middle of the III. BC. Oe. These days, almost the entire territory of the ancient city is in the eponymous national park. Preserved the oldest ever found in Israel Theatre, the magnificent ruins of the "Palace on the reef," King Herod's amphitheater (Itstadion), sections of city streets of the Roman and Byzantine periods, a complex of buildings from the Byzantine period of a public bath with a magnificent finish, large artificial port Hellenistic era and the fortified town port Arab period. Also worth seeing the ruins of a temple complex in which the mixed construction of the Roman, Byzantine and Arab periods and epochs Crusaders. Also interesting area of ​​statues of the Roman period, the ruins of a synagogue from the Byzantine period, remains of Roman fortifications, equestrian (II century. N. E.) Fragments of aqueducts and Museum Rally.
A very modern town of Caesarea (Caesar), which lies just north of the ruins, is considered the first (until 1999 - and only one) golf resort in the country, which can be a good idea to rest by the sea, visiting the ruins of the ancient capital, a museum and an industrial park rally Caesarea.

Caesarea: Videos Caesarea:

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    Most of the resorts are well known Israeli domestic tourists. Because the resort meet compatriot easily. But sometimes you want to    relax in comfort and without the constant talk. In this case, your best solution would be to resort Caesarea. Pretty little town nestled in the    away from the classic tourist routes. But this does not mean that he is less popular. For tourists here offers everything: warm sea, hotel    rooms, apartments, rent in Caesarea is allocated attractive rates. Of course, reasonable priceapartments set for several reasons. First, it all works on tourist. Second, much more attractive rent a villa in Caesarea . The city is replete with new buildings, among which are the seaside villas, cottages. Wherever you are staying, there is littleplaces that are kind of close high-rise buildings. The cottages can accommodate several people, and removing a villa, you get luxury apartments Caesarea . While the city is focused primarily on tourism, because you will be given the highest    level of service.

    Rest in Caesarea

    Particularly notable climate Caesarea. Located about thirty miles north of Tel Aviv, and five kilometers from the city of Hadera attractive    for tourists in all seasons. Winter time is different tourist downturn, despite the warm winter, the rains are frequent in Caesarea, which often overshadows the rest, but    helps calm pastime. In summer, the temperature often exceeds the point of +30 ° C. At this time, becoming popular beach resort. You can rent an apartment in Caesarea in the immediate vicinity of the beach, so it does not need to spend time walkingmorning and evening. Entrance to the beach from morning to night fee, but you get an extra lounge, mattress and umbrella, so necessary in the hot days. В тот же час аренда виллы в Кейсарии несколько дороже квартир, но вам обеспечивается повышенный сервис, к тому же некоторые виллы располагаются рядом с морем. Сегодня посуточная аренда в Кейсарии среди туристов имеет особое предпочтение. Unlike    removable hotel rooms, renting a villa or cottage part, you provide yourself a relaxing holiday.

    Entertainment, which offers a resort area

    Ways of entertainment in Caesarea lot. In the first place, of course, stand out watersports recreation and sports: diving, surfing, renting boats, boats    Charters. Арендовав апартаменты в Кейсарии, вы сможете во время отдыха опробовать все виды водных развлечений. Also    features and land Entertainment. This is a popular golf field on 18lunok, tennis. For shopping lovers open doors of shops, boutiques. There are cafes, restaurants. While most of the schools located near the coastline. Потому посуточная аренда виллы в Кейсарии на побережье создает все условия, для того чтобы опробовать самые разнообразные развлечения, которые предлагает туристам курорт.

    Attractions Caesarea

Historical Caesarea will attract tourists. Do you offer tours of ancient sites. Moreover, it does not matter where you decide to rent an apartment in Caesarea , find a suitable tour without any problems. Most of the historical sites: Theatre,    the oldest discovered in Israel, built by King Herod, was used until the Byzantine period. Palace on the reef, or rather the ruins    magnificent palace of the Roman, Byzantine period. Amphitheater of King Herod, who at one time was used for entertainment, sporting events,    chariot races. Even if you come for a short time, you will be comfortable short term rental villas Caesarea ,    see also the sights and entertainment resort will simply. You can easily find the most attractive and interesting    Offers.

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