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Information about<br /> EilatInformation about


Located in the south of Israel, on the bay, surrounded by desert mountains of Eilat has become one of the most attractive resorts for European tourists. These sites are known from immemorial antiquity. Here is the legendary mines of King Solomon, which was conducted copper mining and the famous Eilat stone. It is here that according to legend, there was a meeting the Queen of Sheba and Solomon. For a long time the city was under Roman first, and then under Arab influence. Control of the territory Israel gained in 1949. Since that time, Eilat and begins to develop as a resort.

It was promoted by favorable climate. Sunshine all year round. Effect of high temperatures, exceeding sometimes the point of 50 0C, softened due to low humidity and winds. Of course, it's best to visit this resort in the winter when the climate becomes milder. Nice to be transported from a cold northern country in this southern corner, because the average January temperature in the afternoon - about 21 0C.

You can get to Eilat by plane - the airport is located in the city. In the central regions of Israel's resort bus service links. The city is a bustling seaport, through which Israel maintains contacts with the countries of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Almost constant temperature of the water in the bay, does not fall below 22 0C, and a high concentration of salts contribute to the growth of corals. Coral reefs fit fairly close to shore. Because of this formed the ideal conditions for scuba diving, and thanks to the shallow dive to dive can be no serious equipment, using only a mask. Constantly blowing winds create a good wave that attracts windsurfers these places, there is expanse and for boaters. Prefer a beach holiday and will not be indifferent to Eilat. They can take perfectly organized beach, and at most hotels have swimming pools. To keep fit will visit SPA-salons and athletic clubs. Life never stops, and the resort at night, when the halls open for visitors of restaurants, bars, discos and nightclubs.

In the travel industry is busy most of the population of the city. The development of tourism here favors the existence of free trade zones, allowing commodity prices in Eilat lower compared with other cities in Israel. As befits a resort, it has hotels to suit every taste - from inexpensive three-and four-star, to luxury hotels. We need to pay attention to the fact that some hotels provide services on an "all inclusive", while others can only rent a room without food. If you want something special, themed hotels have a suggestion, for example, designed a Thai village, a tropical park or oriental palace. You can also use the apartment or bungalow.

Among the attractions of Eilat and its environs should be noted maritime museum, a park-attraction, Kings City, Timna Park.

Certainly one of the most interesting places in Eilat is a maritime museum. It is located nine kilometers from the city. Here, in a huge aquarium tourists can see all of the animal world of the Red Sea, and from the lookout to admire the beautiful panorama of the bay. There is also a shark's pavilion, and aquariums with rare fish, possessing amazing colors and shapes, and a special dark room, where the inhabitants of the deep sea are luminous in the dark. But the most amazing part of the museum - it's underwater observatory, which allows to admire the sea inhabitants in their natural environment at a depth of 60 meters. Going down the spiral staircase, through the transparent wall of the tower you can see an amazing reef life. Enjoying the spectacle, one understands why the coast of Eilat proclaimed a nature reserve.

Tourists interested in history will certainly want to visit the famous King Solomon's mines in Timna Park, which is only 25 kilometers from Eilat. Development of copper deposits began here for five or six thousand years ago. Since that time, the rocks are preserved image. In the era of Ancient Egypt in this place as a settlement, and still next to the majestic pillars of Solomon remains of an Egyptian temple dedicated to the goddess Hathor.

Interest and local nature. Due to erosion, many rocks have acquired an unusual shape, which created a unique landscape. Another attraction, which can be seen here - the lake Nehushtan. The lake shore is famous for its colored sand. Tourists fill the small bottles and taken as a souvenir. On the lake you can ride on a catamaran, a cafe on the shore to try this Bedouin tea, and even take a master class on the ancient secrets of copper coins. For tourists in the park Timna organized as hiking and riding on camels or visit the picturesque route in jeeps.

Fans of extreme sports can visit the "Dolphin Reef", where after a detailed briefing, tourists can swim in the pool with the dolphins.

Another place worth visiting in Eilat - it's an amusement park «Kings City». Especially interesting to visit this park will be children, although adults will also be here to look at. The park is located on the seafront. It is built as a huge oriental palace. In «Kings City» you can plunge into the exciting world of adventure, boat trips on the palace of Solomon, will visit the cave of illusions, will dive into the unique world of ancient Egypt.

Surprisingly, this little piece of land in the middle of the desert came this wonderful resort, which may find yourself something interesting every traveler. And even saying goodbye to Eilat, you will definitely want to come back here again.

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The climate in the area of Eilat The climate in the area of

Weather in Eilat
The climate in this town is not much different from the desert climate, because it is in the heart of the desert and Eilat is located. It is very hot summer days and nights of winter cold descends. In winter, the days in Eilat is much warmer than other cities in Israel.

Eilat: Landmarks and Historic SitesEilat: Landmarks and Historic Sites

Eilat fabulous resort of the Red Sea.
On the Red Sea coast, in the high mountains and harsh deserts, hiding most popular resort in Israel - Eilat. In ancient times bore the name of Eilat Etzion Geber, and was on the hill of El Huleyfa. Modern Eilat is located just west of the ancient settlement. Waters of Eilat or, in other words, the Gulf of Aqaba open tremendous opportunities for active tourism and marine recreation. Dvenadtsatikilometrovaya refluent strip of golden beaches, magnificent coral reefs, the most northerly in the whole of Eurasia, and warm, never cool, pure water attracted tourists from all over the world. Eilat - a geological marvel of nature! The famous "King Solomon's Mines" are in the Timna Nature Reserve, the only park in the world of biblical wildlife, fascinating Red Canyon Hell will impress even the most experienced traveler. Arrived in Eilat awaits today's mass entertainment and unforgettable beauty of rocks protruding against the dense greenery.
Eilat - a cluster of entertainment venues. The most interesting places on the resort - Underwater Observatory in Marina Park, Dolphin Reef, the Oceanarium, "Texas Ranch" and the Diamond Center. The most popular attraction - "A Journey into the fascinating world." It is constructed at the Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba Resort. Eilat gave the world the most modern and equipped with the latest technology, a shooting range. It can be found at the Ambassador. Tourists, eager to vivid impressions can go to sea, taking a comfortable cabin yacht "Jules Verne", ride the catamaran "Coral Pearl" or "Atlantis-220", and dive to a depth, becoming one of the 47 passengers yellow submarine "Jacqueline "
Enticing adventure for the adherents of leisure - a trip by jeep into the heart of the desert. The program includes an examination of Abraham pillars, "Black Canyon" Shhorata, Joash mountains, gorges Solomon D "Eilat stone" and visit the "Red Canyon" hell. Lovers of wildlife will certainly be interested in coral shore beaches Almog and Hai-Bar Reserve. Fans of historical excursions can join the wonderful world of sacred places in the Jordanian Petra, the monastery of Saint Catherine at Sinai or the ancient fortress of Masada in.
Eilat - a free trade zone, an abundance of restaurants and nightclubs, fireworks, music and dance shows. Millions of tourists have already appreciated the advantages of this resort.

Eilat: Videos Eilat:

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Существует немного мест, где можно отдыхать с комфортом, и курорт Эйлат, расположенный в самом южном регионе Израиля, является одним из них. Israeli resort where the sun shines 259dney a year, is attractive in any season, but the most popular gets in early spring and autumn, it is time to take apartments Eilat is difficult enough, but if you seek the services of the company's sale, rental property, search the apartment will not be problematic. Eleven kilometers of the coastal zone of the Red Sea, divided into five main beaches, equipped with all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay. No less attractive and natural landscape - a living oasis surrounded by desert. Ocean currents due to water on the beach is always a bit cool, creating a contrast of hot desert winds.

Отдых в Эйлат

Курортная жизнь в Эйлат располагает к самому разнообразному отдыху. Lovers of active holidays particularly enjoy diving, which is widespread. Particularly popular are underwater tour Coral Reef Shmurat-Almog. Also in the rental shall yachts, motor boats. For those who prefer a relaxing holiday, all the amenities are in the beach resort of Eilat, North Beach is the best. Здесь же возможна аренда квартиры в Эйлат, в непосредственной близости от популярного пляжа.

Sports enthusiasts

Eilat offers a golf club located in Be'er Ora. Here there are two playing fields, the total size of 200akrov. To date, golf course Be'er Ora became one of the most popular places for tourists. In close proximity are all necessary amenities, entertainment - shopping at the famous boutiques and shops, restaurants, fitness centers. Near the golf club you can remove apartments luxury hotel, enjoying the excellent quality and comfort offered.

impossible to say what a remarkable Eilat - day or night. The city with the arrival of the night takes over another life. You can visit the night programs: bars, night clubs, discos. In order to fully appreciate all the rest, it is preferable to rent apartments in , or closer to the center of the resort area of. Despite the fact that gambling is prohibited in Israel, it does not mean that you can not spin the roulette. For fans of gambling entertainment descend ladders casino ships coming out of the territorial waters of the country.

Достопримечательные места курорта

На курорте Эйлат множество достопримечательностей. Food lovers like the look of restaurants with traditional Jewish and European cuisine. No matter where they will be removed apartments Eilat , find a restaurant is not a problem. With children and yourself you can visit the famous aquarium "Underwater World", located in the coral reef. Here you can watch the marine life in their natural environment, without wetting his feet. Offered and tours with bottlenose dolphins based diving center "Dolphin Reef".

Экскурсионный Эйлат

Несмотря на то, что Эйлат не обладает примечательными историческими памятниками, экскурсионные туры не станут менее интересными. For tour buses visiting the mountains provided. They visit Amranovy pillars Valley Red and King Solomon, an oasis of Ein Nefatim with mineral water. In order to get on the guided tour, not necessarily choose suitable areas. Где бы не была произведена аренда квартиры в Эйлат, остановки экскурсионных автобусов окажутся недалеко. Professional guides, Russian-speaking tourists and locals will not let you get bored, will help to enjoy the sights of Eilat. For memory you can buy souvenirs, the most popular is the Eilat stone - green malachite, which are made from a variety of crafts.

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