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Information about<br /> JerusalemInformation about

The city of Jerusalem

The Judean hills, the midlands, west of the Dead Sea is one of the oldest cities in the world - Jerusalem. Center of three world religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the Eternal City has a rich, but not a peaceful history, eventful from the first centuries of its existence. Exactly when the city was founded, for sure do not know, people settled on the eastern slopes of the Temple Mount for more than seven thousand years ago. The first documentary mention of the town date from the XIV-XVIII centuries BC, and the exact date of the founding scientists still argue.

In about 1000 BC, King David conquered Jerusalem and declared it the capital of the Jewish state. David solemnly transferred to the new capital Ark of the Covenant, the greatest shrine and a symbol of God's presence, turning it to the holy city. From 957 to 941 BC King David's son Solomon built a magnificent temple complex on Mount Moriah, which includes the Temple, the royal palace, summer palace and the palace of the queen. Capital flourished for several centuries, but in 598 BC by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Judah, destroyed the city, its residents have stolen into slavery and brought treasures. Thus was lost Ark of the Covenant and destroyed the First Temple.

The Second Temple was rebuilt in 516 BC, Persian kings by the favor of Cyrus the Great and Darius I. Jerusalem surrendered without resistance to Alexander the Great in 333 BC, the Greeks were expelled and only in 164 BC, during the revolt of Judas Maccabeus. Mount Zion has been strengthened, and the Temple Mount is protected by strong walls and towers. In 63 BC the city fell to the Romans, Pompey, but has settled on the protection of the Roman Herod I the Great started a major reconstruction of the temple complex and the construction of an amphitheater, mausoleums and palaces, which ended after his death.

The first uprising of Jews against the Romans in 66-73 years turned into a full-scale war, the Second Temple was destroyed, and began a large-scale resettlement of Jews throughout the world. Jerusalem for a long time lay in ruins, the Romans attempted to establish colonies in the area of ​​the city were met with resistance, the constant fighting is not helped restore the city. Since the beginning of the Byzantine period the city was revived by purchasing the Christian aspect, in 335 years Constantine and Helena erected the Holy Sepulcher.

In the Middle Ages, the Eternal City many times changed its owners, in the middle of VII century Jerusalem becomes a Muslim appearance, here are based Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock to protect the stone from which the Prophet Muhammad ascended. In the XI-XIII centuries the city became a center of gravity of the Crusades, later it was ruled Khorezm, and in 1517 captured by the Ottoman soldiers. During this period begins construction of the city, whose population by the end of the XIX century as high as 50 thousand people are about equally live Jews, Christians and Muslims.

In the twentieth century Jerusalem has not found peace, from 1917 to 1948 they owned the British, and their departure from the Israelis and the Jordanians divided the city into two parts. In 1967, Israel annexed the eastern part of the Eternal City during the Six Day War, and in 1980 the government announced the Likud indivisible capital of the Holy City. This city status is not recognized by the UN, he is the subject of heated debate, and most states prefer to keep their diplomatic missions in a quiet Tel Aviv.

The heart of modern Jerusalem - his old city, surrounded by strong walls, erected in 1538 on the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent. The city is divided into four quarters - Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian, in their territory are relics of the three world religions. The largest in area and population - Muslim quarter, he turned to the north are the gates of Damascus, built in 1542, is located opposite the gates of the Arab quarter of East Jerusalem.

In the Armenian Quarter, located in the southwestern part of the Old City, Zion Gate leads. In the Jewish quarter, located in the southern part of the Dung Gate, and in the Christian quarter of Old Jaffa and the city are New Gate. The center of the Christian quarter of the Holy Sepulcher is set on the spot where he was crucified and ascended into heaven Christ. Within the walls of the Old City is the Temple Mount, on top of which the Muslim holy Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock. It remained part of the retaining wall of the Second Temple, was called the Wailing Wall, he is a relic of the people of Israel.

One of the most important Christian holy sites of Jerusalem is the Via Dolorosa, the path that Jesus walked with the cross on Calvary. It starts from the place where stood the fortress Antonia to the school of al-Omariya, and leads to the west of the Old City. Along the way there are many churches, including St. Anne's Church, built in the XII century on the spot where stood the house where the Virgin was born. Throughout the Way of the Cross procession marked by fourteen stops, almost next to each of them cost a chapel in memory of, a particular event from the Gospels. Via Dolorosa ends Edicule - the place where Christ was buried.

To the south-west of the ancient walls of the old town is Mount Zion, the Promised Land has become a symbol for all Jews in the world, and to the east fanned legendary Mount of Olives, where Christ delivering his sermon where he prayed in Gethsemane before his arrest. Located on the slopes Tomb of the Virgin Mary in the Church of the Assumption, and the three peaks of Mount - Hebrew University Lutheran Center and Ascension Monastery.

In today's Jerusalem is home to nearly 800 thousand people, there is no large-scale industry, and the main wealth of the city, many people believe it: diverse, unique and at the same time dozens of generations have lived together a rich history that created the unique atmosphere of the Eternal City.

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The climate in the area of Jerusalem The climate in the area of

Weather in Jerusalem
The city of Jerusalem is located in the Jerusalem Mountains. Therefore, the temperature of air in it for a couple of degrees lower than in the capital. It is for this reason that humidity is a lot easier tolerated.

Jerusalem: Landmarks and Historic SitesJerusalem: Landmarks and Historic Sites

Jerusalem is the history around us
Among the many attractions of Israel is considered a major ancient city with long history, the historical and the modern capital city - Jerusalem. The existence of this city has been going from 3 to 7000 years, scientists have not yet come to a unanimous opinion about its age. This city combines the traditions and customs of the three world religions. This town was originally in the reign of King David was known as Jebus and since ancient times, Jerusalem united and saved a huge amount of memorable places of historical, cultural and national values, for which the inspection will take more than one day.
Jerusalem is surrounded by mountains, one of which, namely, Pancake Mountain, at an altitude of 793 m located observation platform, which offers wonderful views of the city. Kidron River separates the old town with its ancient walls, domed churches and narrow buildings, high minarets. For the followers of the Christian religion, Jerusalem is famous for the main shrine of the temple of the Holy Sepulcher, which was established in the early XII century AD and, having survived many wars and destruction, restored and takes pilgrims to the Christian quarter of the city. Also in this quarter are Edicule chapel, known as the Tomb of the Lord and was built in 1810, the Church of the Resurrection of Christian relics such as a piece of the crown of thorns, crowning the brow of Jesus Christ, going to his execution. Here are destroyed by the quarry, which was the first church persecuted the Christian religion, which stands near the Church of the Redeemer, the tragic Calvary, stone Unction, Church of St. Helen, founded by the Greeks, the chapel of biblical forefather Adam. In the same area you can visit Alexandria yard and the church of Alexander Nevsky, above the shattered gates of Judgement. Thanks to so many historical relics of different ages and different religions are concentrated in one place, Jerusalem is included in the official list of registered World Heritage Site, which is based UNESCO. Among the famous churches of the Old Town can be listed and visit the Church of the Atonement, such as built in 1898, the ancient Church of St. John the Baptist, dating back to the VIII. the birth of Christ, who are on the street Muristan. The Old City is also still more ancient church of Helena and Constantine, built in the VI century AD. Among the Christian buildings could also be called an orthodox monastery, the monastery of the Saviour, which is called the Holy Savior, the building complex of the Patriarchate of the Roman Catholic church and a seminary near the Jaffa Gate and the New, as well as building the Greek Patriarchate.
Believing Christians can go to Jerusalem sorrowful path (Via Delaroza), in which took place last path of Jesus in his lifetime, a slave to Calvary. From the Lion's Gate and up to the Calvary to put all the way churches and monuments dedicated to this sacred event. Near Via Delaroza are Gefsimiansky garden, a place where Christ was arrested, the ancient monastery of St. Anna, which is considered the mother of St. Mary, Chapel of the Flagellation and Convictions, the Church of Our Lady of Christian Martyr, as well as underground sheep font (Bethesda), Chapel of the Holy Martyr Veronica Convent of the Sisters of Zion, Omrim school, established on the site of the ancient fortress of Antonia, and the family of Herod family tomb. All of this ancient and revered sites of Christianity.
Via_Delaroza separates the Old City Christian Quarter of the Muslim. To the north of it is the Muslim holy Har-a-Moriya (Temple Mount) and the sacred courtyard Haram-esh-Sherif. Near the golden dome of the mosque, which has several names. It is called the Dome of the rock and, or Mosque of Omar and another Dome of the Rock and built it into a 688-692 years. over where it was located dl Solomon Temple, the sanctuary is kept according to ancient legend a unique relic of the Ark of the Covenant. According to the Islamic religion is the prophet of this sanctuary was taken up into heaven to make unbreakable covenants of faith. It is the oldest in the world of Muslim religious building, which is also famous for miraculous imprint of a foot in the natural rock of the prophet and holy in the form of three hairs from his beard. A little south of the mosque are also revered Al-Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the chain, and the Prophet Elias.
In the south-west quarter begins third religion, worshiped in Jerusalem - Jewish Quarter. This region also boasts numerous historical monuments and religious shrines. On the territory of the quarter are fragments of a guard tower of the ancient city of Jerusalem, the citadel of David Robinson Arch, the Hasmonean tunnel, south wall, arch, and Wilson, Berkeley, 7Uorrena well, and the layout of the First Temple built by King Solomon and the Museum of the History of Jerusalem. But the most famous structure can be regarded as the Wailing Wall, the western wall of the only surviving temple in Jerusalem, made up of huge monolithic stones. To her staircase Ma'alot Rabbi Yehuda, in which pilgrims are constantly. Religious strictures every Jew must once a year to come to the temple in Jerusalem, so the Western Wall - is the most visited place of Jerusalem, around which pilgrims pray constantly. There is a belief that if you leave here a note with an appeal to God, then it is sure to be heard, so that every visitor leaves in the crevices of the walls of his message.
Another historic district - it's Valley of the Kings, which is located in the southwest of the Temple Mount, near Gethsemane Church and Valley Geyena. The main object of attention in this valley - the City of David, the famous fact that it is here at the time of King David began the construction of this ancient city. Have survived such ancient structures as a quadrangular pillar of Absalom, Arch tanners, the tomb of the family and Bnei Hezir oldest district of Ophelia, meaning "hill."
But the monuments of Jerusalem are not only in the Old City, but also outside it. The most important building of the modern city - it is a municipality in the area of ​​Safra and striking in its beauty. Just west of the area within walking distance are the Russian Compound (Migrash Rusim ha) and odnoprestolny Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. Nearby you can see the Court of First Instance, as well as the Underground Prisoners Museum, located where a British prison. For religious monuments in the area include the Abyssinian Church and the Christian monastery of St. Joseph, Synagogue Clock Tower, built in 1906 and the quarter "Hundred Gates" in which Orthodox Jews are placed. Among modern memorials along the main street of Jaffa, one can not forget Davidki area, which is named after the mortar "davidka," which was a popular weapon in the war for independence Israel, Allenby memorial erected in honor of the liberation of Jerusalem. Modern urban architecture in the middle of the historical relics of the striking concert hall Binyaney-a'Uma, which translates as The Palace of the nation. This hall accommodates 3,000 people.
If you climb the hill of Givat Ram, you'll find yourself among the official buildings of modern Jerusalem. Here is the residence of the Israeli parliament, as well as the old parliament building, the building of the Supreme Court of Israel, as well as many famous schools - the Academy of the Hebrew University Givat Ram campus, College of Technology Orth. In the same area are worthy of visiting the National Museum of Israel's unique historical expositions of the long history of Jerusalem and its garden art with sculptural creations, an amphitheater, a huge botanical garden, the Museum of Biblical lands. As well as in other parts of the city and on the hill of Givat Ram, are the religious history of the building. These include the Monastery of the Holy Cross, founded in the IV century BC. er, as well as Temple Books, the most famous artifact of which are the "Dead Sea Scrolls."
The next area of ​​Har Herzl (Mount Herzl) is known for the fact that there is a National Cemetery with graves of the most prominent figures of the country and to the west is situated on a hill memory memorial to the victims of the Holocaust "Eternal Memory" (Yad Vashem), surrounded by park name J. Korczak. Religious monuments of this region - the Church of St. John the Baptist, Church of the Visitation, a small synagogue, decorated with stained-glass windows by Chagall. At the foot of the mountain is an area where one was born of Christian saints - St. John the Baptist, the area is beautiful navzanie "Spring of the vineyard" (Ein Kerem-). Close to each other are the monasteries of different religious beliefs - the monastery of the Sisters of Sion, a Catholic convent sisters, Rosalie and Christian churches around the convent, named in honor of the Icon of Kazan Mother of God. Among the civil buildings are interesting to visit, you must call the Museum of T. Herzl, the founder of the ideology of Zionism and the world body, and a stereo Truga.
Ayalon Valley in Jerusalem - is a modern area, which houses a museum tank Latrun-world-famous military museum, where you can buy unique themed souvenirs. Art lovers can visit the theater Khan, located in an ancient building that was previously used as a caravanserai and the Center for Music at the Albert, fans of a variety of entertainment to attract a huge area of ​​Jerusalem Park monkey park Yaar-a-Shalom, beautiful valleys and Kedron and Hell Upland Abu Tor, which can be seen the entire Old City. For religious monuments include the Church of Bruce District (St. Andrew), the monastery hackel Dame Convent and St. Peter-in-Glokento, the tomb of David, the remains of the church from the Byzantine period and the ancient cave tombs dated to the time of the First Temple.
To list the historical and religious sites of Jerusalem can be a long time, but beyond that the city can and just relax, sit in the cafés on the boulevard Ben-Yehuda, in the pubs that have opened near Russian Compound, or in the best restaurants in the area of ​​the city Faingol'd Court. In summer the city is famous for its weekly culinary festivals in the open.


We all know the Bethlehem (Bethlehem, Bethlehem) is located only at a distance of five - six miles south of Jerusalem. The outskirts of both cities almost merged. Millions of believers, among whom not only Christians, tend to visit this holy city, which is the birthplace of Jesus Christ according to the canonical version. In Bethlehem, also was born David the king, and he immediately proclaimed him king of the prophet Samuel. Thus, the holy city are the axis of rotation throughout its history and present life.
The main attraction of the city is the Church of the Nativity, built in 326 AD at the nursery area, and more like a fortress. At this point, which until today marks the pores of the silver star, embedded in stone, but it is Christmas in a cave, named for a different nursery Christ was born Jesus Christ. Also here is the tomb of St. Jerome and the cave's cell. Around there are objects whose significance is also high. Among them: the Greek Orthodox monastery, a Franciscan monastery with the church of St. Catherine, which is the first Catholic church in the city, as well as the Armenian monastery, "Dairy Cave," which according to legend, on his way to Egypt the Holy Family stopped. On the outskirts of Bethlehem, pilgrims can see the tomb of Rachel, Rachel or Kubbat. Affect its view of the Church of St. Catherine, a Greek monastery, located in the place where King David had a drink of water from the source during a battle with the Philistines, and the Franciscan Church, located at the spot where the house of Joseph the carpenter.
Quite a lot of sacred sites located nearby Bethlehem. Towards the south-east of the city at a distance of two kilometers a settlement called Beit Sahour. In its vicinity, where it is known, is a field shepherdess. According to tradition the Bible on it if there were angels in the guise of shepherds, and announced the birth of a Savior. To date, around you can find attractions such as the Basilica of the Holy Virgin of Byzantium, (it is said that in 14-16 century in this area were buried shepherds who heard the good news, and), the Orthodox Church "Glory to God", built in 1976 year, the ruins of the "tower Gader," and the church under the name Gloria-in-Ekselsis-Deo, built in 1954 as the oldest of the tent Bedouin.
In addition, visits will be of interest to Orthodox monasteries of Elijah the Prophet, which is located north of Bethlehem, St. Theodosius, eleven kilometers to the east, St. Sava Monastery - 15 km to the east in the Judean Desert, ponds, King Solomon, part of the old water supply system of Jerusalem, as well as many other monuments dedicated to historical events. At a distance of five kilometers from the city of Bethlehem is unnatural hill. Here, on the orders of King Herod the Great, cruel man, to whose will all the babies were killed by Palestinian fortress was built Herodion, where he later was buried.


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Rent apartments in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world and the oldest in the Middle East. His age is about 3500let. It is a place where intricately intertwined and very bright two major world religions - Christianity and Judaism. However, not only the history of attracting tourists. It is equally important that this place is as intricately intertwined religion with new knowledge, the story of unusual adventures. Usually come to the tourist season, rent apartments in Jerusalem is very difficult because of the abundance of visitors. However, the problem is solved, with a guarantee not to remain without shelter on arrival. Sufficient time before the trip to go to our website, which offers such service as rental apartments in Jerusalem. In this case, going on a trip, you'll know exactly the place of arrival, you can choose a pre-selected class housing.

Jerusalem - the center of different religions

First of all, Jerusalem attracts its long history, including religious. Rent an apartment in Jerusalem at the time of arrival seek Christians, Jews, worshipers of Islam. For adherents of Judaism, the city is remarkable in that it was erected in the Temple of Solomon. By Christians Jerusalem is a place of completion earthly way of Jesus Christ. Supporters of Islam city take notice of the fact that the Prophet Muhammad was committed here heavenly journey on horseback. With such a high popularity of the city from various religions, it becomes clear that rent apartments in Jerusalem without outside help will be problematic. Besides a trip to the ancient city is made and tourists who come to the resort and to other cities in Israel. It also becomes a hassle. The optimal solution is rent in Jerusalem with our company. We offer apartments of varying levels of service with the optimal conditions for the cost.

The historical popularity of Jerusalem

Should not lose sight of the historical value of the city. Here you can go for days, and always discover something new. For accommodation offers apartments in Jerusalem, and it is in the west of the Jewish or Arab eastern part. The largest number of attractions located in the central part of the city, which is surrounded by ancient walls. The historic center of the old town. You can rent an apartment in Jerusalem, close to the most famous historical sites.

Features Jerusalem

Of course, not only the history of Jerusalem is interesting for the modern traveler. It organizes the most interesting and unusual holiday. Only on arrival in the city, guests are faced with an unusual but very colorful interplay of old buildings and modern high-rise buildings. You can rent an apartment in Jerusalem, as in modern homes and in old buildings. While it is important to note that the city is in the watershed between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea. There are many bazaars where you can buy almost everything. The tourists will not arise any difficulties with communication, not with meals. In recent decades, more and more city said in Russian, and his features can be found as the national cuisine, and Russian cafe, European restaurants, a food court. If you decide to visit the city on short term, suitable short-term rental in Jerusalem. You can take a tour of the cities of Israel, or to come to the resort in any tourist town with the obligatory visit to Jerusalem. In any case, find shelter for a few days with our company, it will be very easy, profitable.

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