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Photgallerey Netanya

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Information about<br /> NetanyaInformation about


It happens that most of the largest and major acts of research, projects and globally significant for human social phenomena and events that begin their life and existence with a single, small and seemingly imperceptible at first glance, the idea or even thought, to slip into the still has not been studied until the end of the brain of an average person.

And only once in "fertile ground plowed" thinking and searching the right direction, this idea begins to swell and grow into new facts, additions and variations, becoming as they develop something more complex, perfect, idealistic and full .... And it is hard to believe, even then, what started everything with a small ....

1928 year - across the valley Sharon in Israel, goes the same hearing. That in the United States of America, lives a great missionary and philanthropist Nathan Straus, who runs a charity in just huge, almost globally.

And then the two leaders of the association "Bnei Binyamin" decided on a rather tricky combination. They sent a telegram to Nathan Strauss-congratulation, in which report that bow to his fair and kind of a divine mission - to help the poor and miserable. And therefore decided to call in his honor, the nascent new settlement in the valley of Israel, Hasharon, will continue forever, it will be called the Netanya. Should I mention that the acting in this way, they hoped that Nathan Straus will do its utmost to help develop a new village. And they were right. The year 1928 became the year of birth of Netanya ...

Since then, it took more than eighty years. And what did appear before the eyes of a traveling man in the street, when he again turned his gaze to a prosperous valley Hasharon in our time?

Only originated at that time, a little helpless village for eight decades, has become a large thriving resort town, located 35 kilometers north of Tel Aviv, prostrate its sandy beaches on the sunny coast and lapped by the warm waters of grace the Mediterranean Sea.

As of today - Netanya - a city with very good infrastructure. There are two advanced industrial center - the old and relatively new. The country has more than 195 000 inhabitants, not counting the countless number of tourists visiting all year, from April to December in order to enjoy all the blessings granted Netanya for their children, living and just coming into its territory.

There are more than nine well-equipped beaches, with clean, warm, caressing eyes, sandy attire and no less warm and clean water. They spread their possessions on the Mediterranean coast 11 kilometers.

In Netanya, arranged everything for a relaxing and active type of holiday. There are hotels for every taste and "money purse". How, for example, "Melech - a - Sidekick", which is conveniently located in the heart of the city (if you're a fan of entertainment and various night clubs, which are located in the vicinity of the minimum). Or hotel "Mitzpe Yam A," which is very different from his brother, almost intimate, relaxing atmosphere and the creation of a secluded romantic charm - a practical paradise for lovers or newlyweds. What about hotels and hotels in this sense may well Netanya compete with its beautiful beaches. Since they are here in abundance. For lovers of excursions and fans of the beautiful, always during the day, open lots of different museums.

Among them, the famous Museum "Pninat Shivta Israel" (which literally means "Pearl of Israel knees"), Center for Yemeni folklore, and museum "Beit Hagdudim." Fans of ethnography, history, architecture, will find true treasures for themselves, so for a long, long story about these pearls of Netanya acquaintances and friends, and leave such wonderful memories in my heart for many years.

In addition, for every vacationer can choose an individual guided tour, since they are almost unbelievable variety. This exotic elevator to the sea for tourists, and "garden sycamore" in the eastern part of town, "Conservation of purple irises," that Ben-Gurion Boulevard, walking cognitively guided tour "Shvil Israel" runs from Dan to Eilat, the most beautiful memorable shtetls Netanya . Or essentially naive, but no less romantic walk with your loved one on such embankments as "A - Rishonim" (Quay-founder), "A - Maapilim" ("Quay Backstreet immigrants") and the waterfront, "Shaked" virtually the entire known world, thanks to his incomparable "acoustic shell-Amphitheatre" contains about a thousand people at the same time.

In general, if you sum up - we can say without false modesty - Netanya - Earthly paradise for vacationers and tourists from around the globe. Every man who came here once, will remember for ever, this great land, daruyuschuyu heat and light, gentle waves of the Mediterranean, ready always to caress your tired feet from walking, and countless beauties pleasing your eyes, this little wonder-edge , this gem of Israel, the land of promise. ... And she has not once will you save this dull gray, and help you to endure all the hardships, sometimes indefinitely unfair life ...

You never know what will happen in the future, you can not fix what happened when in the past, but we can and even should, give yourself a small fortune in real iskrinku this ... So said one of the great philosopher of the past .. And surely he would not mind if he knew that his words were said about this small kingdom of happiness in the harsh realities of our time. ... Every man once, who had been here - can not be unhappy .... After all, he went to Paradise on Earth ...

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The climate in the area of Netanya The climate in the area of

Weather in Netanya
As Herzliya, Netanya city is situated on the Mediterranean coast. That is why this city has the typical weather for this region: winter is not very cold and the summers hot and humid.

Netanya: Landmarks and Historic SitesNetanya: Landmarks and Historic Sites

City of Netanya.
City of Netanya called the largest resort in the Mediterranean coast. Netanya is famous for its citrus groves and the diamond industry. The city has several names: Netanya, Netanya, Netanya. It is 30 km north of Tel Aviv and just over 48 km to the south of Haifa. If you are the true judges of pristine beaches, then you just in Netanya. After all, the pride of the city are very clean beaches and modern hotels, a large number of museums (the most popular Beit Hagdudim or, as they called the Jewish Legion, Pninat-Shivtea of ​​Israel or the second name "Pearl of the tribes of Israel," Natural History Museum, archeology and art Municipal Gallery, the center of Netanya, and the Center for Yemeni folklore). Kicker-area Ha'atzmaut, which is located in the city of Netanya pleasantly surprise you with plenty of restaurants, cafes, where you can taste traditional food and even better to feel the flavor of the country.
Not far from the city, a little farther south, is quite an expensive resort under the name of Herzliya. It is equipped with parking for yachts and is famous for lots of comfortable beaches. For those who do not spend a lot of money on vacation, it is worth noting that in this city clean beaches can be found just along the coast. Infrastructure in the city of Netanya is also well developed, which is extremely important, especially if you love yourself a ride on the attractions and just nearby cities.

Netanya: Videos Netanya:

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    Tourism Netanya

    You want to relax after a hard year of hard work in the hot sun, a dip in the cool gentle waves of the sea? No need to cross    halfway around the world to enjoy the rest. To open a popular tourist resort in the Israeli town of Netanya. You will not have trouble finding housing,city ​​has more than fifty hotels. However, if you want to rest more comfortably, though with less money available apartments Netanya . Our company has a large selection of rental apartments, which will select the most    acceptable standard of living for a reasonable fee, as usual flats and apartments. Not to go into the unknown, it is enough to get acquainted with    choice from the comfort of home without breaking the schedule. Заблаговременная аренда квартиры в Нетании позволит сэкономить время, которое вы сможете с большей пользой потратить на отдых.

    Tourism Netanya

    Location Netanya optimally. It is located 25 km north of Tel Aviv, 50km south of Haifa, right in the Sharon Valley. On the one hand one of the    Israel's largest cities are in close proximity, on the other hand in Netanya has an individual, unique climate, providing her    popular with tourists. Гостям предлагается аренда посуточно в Нетании, как квартир, так и домиков, расположенных на побережье в непосредственной близости от главной достопримечательности Израиля – Средиземного моря.

    Of course, the most remarkable, alluring destination for tourists is the beach. In Netanya, a nine beaches, which are located along the    dvenadtsatikilometrovoy coastal. Each of the beaches has come from all over the world enjoy the best conditions. In order not to go    long to the beach, you can take apartments Netanya near the coastal zone. In this case, you do not have to spend money    transportation, or trekking, sea will almost always at your feet at the same level of service, which offer tourists the local conditions.

    Entertainment and attractions that offers Netanya

    Netanya Resort offers tourists a variety of outdoor activities. Leisure activities are diving centers, where you can    explore the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea under the supervision of experienced divers to visit the new unknown world. If you want to see the sea from a height,    proposed plan over the sea. Lovers of active and passive recreation can rent a boat, a boat, a boat to explore the sea, or a break awayfrom the bustle of the coast. Given that all types of leisure or relax some require effort, flat for rent Netanya near the sea will be the best solution. Not have to go to the sea along the entire city, and the next day you can quickly gather    well rested for new adventures.

    Of course, there are other types of recreation in Netanya. There are no historical attractions, as the city was founded in the 20's of last century. But you will be offered other equally interesting entertainment. So you can participate in horseback riding through the valley of Sharon, or in horse racing, visitIsraeli dance concerts, which are held regularly. For those who want to see all the attractions of the resort, the best solution would be rent apartments in Netanya on the high street. Here you will discover a great opportunity shopping. You can visit    restaurants, cafes with national, European cuisine. And by moving to Independence Square takes you to the park, which has a modern amphitheater    a magnificent view of the sea.

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