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Tel Aviv

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Information about<br /> Tel AvivInformation about
Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv the second-largest city and the population of Israel, which is home to about four thousand people, today's Tel Aviv-Jaffa, often called simply the Tel-Aviv, is an amalgamation of two cities: the relatively young city by that name, which was founded in 1909 and originally was only a northern suburb of the ancient port city of Jaffa, and the very old town. By the way, is an ancient port of Jaffa, not only in the Mediterranean, but in the world, and by the time of unification, which occurred in 1949, already had a long history of more than four thousand years.

Now it is the union of old and young city turned into a huge metropolis rough, which focuses the main life of the state and through which the major thoroughfares of the country.

Now it is the largest economic, financial, commercial and political center of Israel's public, in whose territory the representative major commercial, industrial and banking institutions, the headquarters of political parties, as well as national associations and organizations, and most of the periodicals. There is also a commodity exchange and - the financial heart of the country. Diplomatic missions and embassies of countries that refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, also in Tel Aviv. In the small town of Ha-governmental Kirian is part of Israel's ministries, including Ministry of Defense and the General Staff.

Modern Tel Aviv - Center the food and textile industries, transportation and construction enterprises, and enterprises printing, zlektrotehnicheskoy and electronic industries. Business districts of the city built up high-rise offices in Israel and major international trade organizations, among them highlights the huge building of the world famous Diamond Center.

The city is the main transport hub of the country, as here all the main highways intersect rail and bus routes in the country. One of the two bus terminals - Central bus station - today is the world's largest bus terminal. Motor vehicle traffic on major trunk lines and very intense metropolis suffers from a glut of traffic because of its roads each day passes more than half a million cars. At this time in Tel Aviv are working on laying underground lines, the first of which is scheduled to launch in early 2013. At 10 km from the city are "air gates" of the country - is the airport named after David Ben-Gurion.

Cultural and scientific life is also concentrated in this region: there are two of the largest higher educational institutions of the country, universities - Tel Aviv and the "Bar-Ilan University," the vast majority of theaters, including the "camera" and "Habima" The Israeli Opera, Chamber Orchestra, as well as numerous museums, art galleries, archives and libraries.

This city - the most eclectic of all the cities of Israel. Ultramodern skyscrapers arrayed along the Ayalon Highway bullet, side by side with the poor one-story buildings of the last century, and the fashionable areas of the northern part of Tel Aviv's slums coexist with the old part of town - Tahan Merkazit (for some reason called "the central bus station" - that translates this title) .

Cafes and pubs in the city's waterfront located next to high-rise offices, shopping and business centers. They say that you can find a piece of almost any city or place in the world, whether it's Paris, Casablanca, Manhattan or Ibiza.

Founded in the early twentieth century as a new Jewish neighborhood of Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and now there is a region in which the Jewish population more numerous than anywhere else in the country and is a figure of more than 96%. Gentile little - about 15 thousand people - it's mostly Armenians and Arabs in Jaffa.

Tel Aviv is located in the heart of the coastal zone of Israel, and its beaches stretch along the sea to a distance of 13.5 km. Beach season is here captures most of the year, because the beaches are always filled with people swim and sunbathe. Windsurfing, sailing and other water sports may be doing things you love almost all year round, as weather and climate are conducive to this. Tel Aviv harbor can accommodate up to 300 yachts and sailing boats at the same time, moreover, there is another harbor, located in the ancient port of Jaffa. Here, the mild Mediterranean climate with warm wet winters and long hot summers. The average temperature in the coldest winter month - January - about 13, and the warmest - August - ranges from 25-27 +. The bulk of precipitation falls between November - March.

Rapidly evolving entertainment industry in the region attracts many tourists and now Tel Aviv - a major tourist center, which is included in the guide books the most respected and popular tourist publications. For example, according to one of the leading world travel guides Lonely Planet, the city ranked third in the top ten cities in the world. Such praise for the city was awarded a free liberal culture, the arts and holding a large number of music festivals. Thanks to the many museums and universities, Israeli art, music and film industries are developing rapidly. According to Lonely Planet, the city is a direct contrast to the ancient holy Jerusalem, representing a true entertainment capital of the Black Sea Coast. National Geographic, for its part, turns it into a list of the largest beach resorts in the world and called Tel Aviv - "Miami Mediterranean." According to the edition of Travel + Leisure New York City ranked third among cities in the Middle East and Africa, and the well-known edition of Forbes and the same lonely Planet evaluate it as the largest "city of partying."

Map of  Tel AvivMap of
Tel Aviv

Distances to other cities from Tel Aviv Distances to other cities from
Tel Aviv

The climate in the area of Tel Aviv The climate in the area of
Tel Aviv

Weather in Tel Aviv
The capital is situated on the shores of the Mediterranean, so it has weather typical for this band: hot and humid summers and winters not very cold.
Climatic data of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv: Landmarks and Historic SitesTel Aviv: Landmarks and Historic Sites

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv ("Hill of Spring") - the first Jewish city of modern state of Israel, founded in 1909 as a suburb of Jaffa. After 5 years, lived here for 2 thousand people in the 1930s it became the capital of the Jewish Yishuv in Eretz-Israel, and in our days in this cosmopolitan city home to more than 1 million people. Here are the central offices of major banks and companies in the country, as well as representatives of foreign countries and companies. Because of its relative youth, the city is not rich in historical attractions.
Noteworthy are the Palace of Independence, which in 1948 was proclaimed the state of Israel, a shopping and entertainment and cultural complex of the Migdal-Opera ("Opera Tower") on the waterfront skyscraper Azriel Center, Cinematheque, Israel's national theater "Habima" (1957 city), famous for its original architecture of Tel Aviv Center (museum) Performing Arts (1971) on the Boulevard Shaul ha-Melech, the picturesque neighborhoods of Neve Tzedek and Dizengoff, Tel Aviv Museum of Art Library and the Shaar Tzion. Interesting Beit ha-Hatefutsoth (Museum of the Diaspora, 1978) in Tel-Aviv University, the Museum of Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel, 1953) with an extensive collection of objects of different cultures and history library, art gallery Bruno Gelleri and also house a museum of the poet Chaim Nachman Bialik and policies of David Ben-Gurion.
Nevertheless, Tel Aviv is not a historical city (it is worth to go to Jaffa), and the center of intense business activity and nightlife. This center and the Israeli industry, trade, finance, culture, sports and entertainment. And in today's prospectus, and in the old southern neighborhoods along the scenic and the Tel Aviv promenade concentrated thousands cafes, restaurants, pubs, shops, markets and supermarkets. Life does not stop here for a minute. Interesting youth Bar "Buzz Stop" night clubs "Docks" and "Stephen Brown," Russian Club "Damn," oriental restaurant "Abulafia" restaurant "Caucasus", sport complex "Sportek" and many other institutions.
Market ("Shook") Caramel Yemeni quarter - one of the largest open-air bazaars in the Middle East. Yarkon Park is famous for its green lawns, a botanical garden and rock garden in the Japanese manner, bird park, and these mills Tsapari (as many as seven of them) who worked there right up to 1936. One of the best in Asia and is considered a local zoo.
Tel Aviv yacht clubs - one of the most convenient in the Mediterranean, a water park Meymadon has all imaginable kinds of rides and children's playground, and the longest city beaches are equipped with naisovremenneyshimi recreational facilities. In the yacht club in Tel Aviv, by the way, you can rent equipment for windsurfing, diving or any other form of active recreation. A lot of sports facilities are concentrated along the boulevard Rokach.
Jaffa (Yafo) - one of the main ports of ancient Israel and one of the oldest cities in the world. It is believed that this is where Noah built his ark somewhere Perseus freed Andromeda (Andromeda rock still adorns the coastal strip on the border of Tel Aviv), we set off the prophet Jonah, there was revealed a vision of the Apostle Peter, and revived The righteous Tabitha. It is from here and started the return of Jews to Israel.
Old Jaffa has long merged with the Tel Aviv metropolis of one and now turned into a big tourist and arts center with many restaurants, galleries, shops, flea markets, shops, museums and archaeological sites. The main population is also peculiar - artists, musicians, sculptors and others' creative specialties. " The old streets of Jaffa you can wander endlessly, at every turn and every house discovering something new. Interesting theater, "Ha-Simta" ("Alley"), the Museum of Antiquities of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, and Museum of the History of Tel Aviv and Jaffa theater "Gesher" in the Hall "leg" (here played in Russian), Frank Meisler Sculpture Salon , an underground archaeological museum on the square or the Russian-speaking Kdumim disco "Megalopolis." In the old Jaffa many art galleries and shops, among which the most interesting gallery hand-knitted "Gabrielle."
To the south of Jaffa lies the seaside town of Bat Yam ("Mermaid") - one of the most popular seaside resorts of Israel. There are over 3 km of sandy beaches, a large park, a modern recreation center, there is even a large artificial ice rink! You can visit the cultural center, "Ben-Ari," and Art Museum "The House of the fisherman."
At 20 kilometers southeast of Tel Aviv, Ramle interested in a 30-meter minaret of the mosque, "White Tower" (XIII century). And the Church of Nicodemus and Joseph (1902). At 20 km from Tel Aviv and the city of Lod, is (Lud), first mentioned in chronicles of XV century BC. Oe. - According to legend is buried here St. George. Over the alleged tomb of the saint in the VI century basilica was built on the ruins of which the Crusaders built a church, restored after the destruction of numerous only in 1870. Not bad also preserved two ancient mosques, baths and a caravanserai. In the area of ​​Modi'in (Modi'in Maccabim-Reut) survived a huge number of burial mounds ("teley"), hidden under the remains of ancient settlements, and numerous graves carved into the slopes of the surrounding hills.

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    Tel Aviv - the tourism and business capital of Israel

    The most famous city in the world Israel is Tel Aviv. It is noteworthy that before 1909goda city simply did not exist. But more important,    fairly young city could become the cultural and economic capital of the country. In Tel Aviv come not only for leisure but also for. Moreover, notthere is always a possibility and desire to reside in a hotel. If you need a comfortable, relaxing stay, we offer apartments Tel Aviv . The range of the most diverse selection of apartments in various class neighborhoods of Tel    Aviv. While prices are set at a reasonable level. One important feature of Tel Aviv is the Russian language, which can often hear    on the streets. Here, you will not feel alone, as in European cities, where it is difficult to meet fellow countrymen can always inquirethe right address, directions. That is, to get lost in Tel Aviv, it is very difficult, given that there are local people who speak in Russian. Однако аренда квартиры в Тель Авиве – задача довольно сложная. It is better to solve before the trip, please contact our company.

    Tourism Tel Aviv

    The resort is very diverse in Tel Aviv. The first tourist sea beckons. The city is located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. There are several    popular beaches: Gordon, Banana Beach, and several less popular beach near the Hilton Hotel. Service on the beach is quite diverse, so    everyone can find entertainment and recreation for the soul. So on the beach, Gordon will find like-minded fans of the game of tennis. Near Gordon Beach    proposed rent apartments in Tel Aviv , you can sunbathe in the afternoon in the sun on a lounger in the evening stroll through    waterfront. Beach Banana Beach can call it a gathering place for like-minded variety of entertainment. If the day is just a good rest    the sun, the evening starts collecting in the local cafe, where you can watch on TV for sporting events, or just find a buddy. If you    want to spend a holiday in the cheerful company, rent apartments Tel Aviv right next to the inner city    Jaffa is easy. Age range sunbathers Banana Beach varies 20-35yo.

    Things to do in Tel Aviv, more than enough, it's shopping, business and resort capital of Israel. Shoppers are major trading    centers, large markets with a variety of products from around the world. If you preferred recreation, Tel Aviv has to offer any kind of    sport up to the tennis courts and golf courses. While rent an apartment in Tel Aviv does not require located near    transport hubs. According to Tel Aviv, you can walk on foot, though the large size of the city does not worsen mood. Night life in the city for at least    active than the day. Various bars, nightclubs and restaurants offer their own entertainment.

    Interesting places in Tel Aviv

    Historical sites in Tel Aviv there is little, given its fairly short history. Is that the historic center of the city - Old Jaffa. He did not    is very popular with tourists because many business people visiting oblyubovyvaetsya rent apartments in Tel Aviv     Due to the fact that in the old city is always pretty quiet, life goes steadily and slowly. Known and Dizengoff Street - the longest street in the city,    named after the founder of the Tel Aviv. Immense popularity of diamond exchange, where you can see how plain rocks are cut and    become expensive diamonds. Also known among tourists Historical Park, the former excavation site, where the remains of the Roman, Byzantine    civilization, scientific and historical center "Eretz Israel Museum".

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