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languages ​​of Israel

Which languages ​​are spoken in Israel.

Israeli signpost in Arabic, English and Hebrew.

Hebrew language.

Hebrew is one of the very young, but at the same time with a century language of Israel. Alphabet has 22 letters. In relation Hebrewbelongs to the Semitic group, which directly relate to another and such languages ​​as Arabic, Amharic, Aramaic, and others. Hebrew was spoken and written language until the collapse of the Second Temple.In the event of galut (exile) and the displacement of Jews from other countries, the Jews used as a conversational, the language of the locality in which they are located. But meanwhile, even communicating in local languages, the correspondence they were all the same in Hebrew.Also, the language used in religious literature, various works of literature and poetry. The fact that Hebrew ceased to be a spoken language and its use in various rituals, the majority of its users unwittingly became a sacred language.These people are considered a manifestation of sacrilege, the use of colloquial Hebrew for everyday purposes (see the Haredim). Ashkenazi Jews, used to talk Yiddish, which came from German dialects, with rather large borrowings from Slavic languages ​​and Hebrew.Glory and honor as a reviver of Hebrew, performing the role of spoken language for everyday use, apply directly to the linguist Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. Hebrew Improvement continues to the present day, as the Jewish population, the official language.The revival of Hebrew is more than a unique phenomenon, since none of the other language of Israel, and other countries is not possible to say that he initially lost its colloquial use, and then restored.Although Hebrew has never lost its value, as written, it is only a revival of the language.

Hebrew in 1998, found application only in Israel, 4.85 million people.


Arabicis the state language of Israel, but this fact does not allow him to stand on equal footing with Hebrew. In some cases, even had to resort to the verdicts of the Supreme Court to road signs and names of streets in the cities had an inscription in Arabic.

Russian language.

Currently, approximately 20% of the population communicate in Russian. Recent decades have seen the fact that about one million Jews, speaking in Russian, have moved to permanent residence in Israel, but continue to use the Russian language major in communication between himself and the family.This situation coincides with changes in the language of Israeli policies that have changed since the late 80-ies in the direction of increased tolerance of multilingualism.For most immigrants Russian as their native language, presenting a fairly significant value, even though they have a formidable motivation for learning Hebrew. For people that category tend to bilingualism. But despite that, a generation that is born in Israel prefers obschatsya

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