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Why Israel

Why real estate Israel

According to the rating, the authoritative magazine Forbes, real estate Israel is the most promising in the world for investment in the next 5 years!
this rating was made on the parameters of what the rate of growth economy, inflation in the country, the availability of bank loans, property rights and quality of housing in major cities and business centers.

Real Israel has long attracted the eyes of the biggest real estate players in the world. Very convenient geographical location on the world map, a warm and pleasant climate of Israel, the most modern medicine, loyal to a foreign law, a reliable and stable economic situation of Israel, making Israel the purchase of real estate is very promising and profitable business and buying real estate in Israel - a good-yielding investment funds .

Monthly Property owners are Israeli citizens France, United States, Russia, Canada, England, Australia, etc.

Whereas for homebuyers Israel from Russia, this is the real estate market until recently was exotic, but with the recent removal of entry visas to Israel by September 20, 2008 bottom jig situation has changed.

Currently, citizens of Russia are of great importance when buying luxury properties in Israel. With the acquisition of real estate value of more than Israel's $ 3,000,000 share of Russian buyers of Israeli real estate amounted to about 80% of the total number of buyers of elite real estate Israel!

In the first two quarters of 2009 the proportion of Russians in Israel's acquisition of real estate represents about 38% of acquisitions of Israeli real estate. Among the buyers of Israeli real estate from other countries, the share of buyers from France account - 26%, from England - 18%, America - 10%, the South Americans - 5%.

enormously popular with investors of other countries enjoy the facilities that are located directly near the coast of Israel and as close to the business center of the country - the city of Tel Aviv. Choosing when buying luxury properties in Israel may be between flat in new building with panoramic sea views or a villa with a plot and a swimming pool.

Let's look at possible options for real estate of Israel, who will be able to interest a buyer from Russia Israeli real estate.

City of Tel Aviv is very popular, is not only a business center Israel , but also the cultural center of Israel, in Tel Aviv all the conditions for rest and work - this is long beaches around the city, a large number bars and restaurants, discos and nightclubs . Living in Israel called Tel- Aviv city, without respite. Idle land here is very small, and recently the price of new buildings is increasing rapidly. It is for this reason, the coastal strip of the capital of Israel is actively produced point construction of the city. This usually happens because - LAND purchased under an old house, which was then demolished and a new building was built new luxury architectural design.

price data apartments is high enough. Price per sq ft starts at $ 5,000, and comes to about $ 30,000 and above.

About 4 months ago, two-story penthouse in the new project with an area of 500sq.m on the coastal street Ayarkon, near the Sheraton Hotel, was bought by a buyer from Russia for 11.000.000 $

practiced in Tel Aviv and quarterly buildings, large Land purchased by a group of investors for the construction of housing estate elite class.

striking example of this kind - as a project "Big Block"

in northern Tel Aviv, the price of this project for one sq ft depending on the location of the house to the line of the sea and the type of views from the windows of apartments, ranging from $ 3,500 and goes up to $ 10,000. These elite projects include components such as comfort: kindergartens, shops, sports complexes, restaurants, tennis courts pools, etc.

For those who prefer to spend their free time relaxing on your own villa with pool and at the same time stay close to the hustle and raznolikogo city of Tel Aviv, it is possible to buy
cottage or villa in Herzliya, Pituach.

This place on the right and has long chosen by business and political elite of Israel, at this point are the majority of the foreign consuls, who, as their headquarters, renting luxury villas in the first lines of the sea. Also here are some of the most expensive and luxurious homes Israel. Prices of real estate in Herzliya Pituah not cease to amaze people of Israel. So, this year's exclusive villa located on the first line of the sea on the land in 3500kv.m, was bought for a record $ 16,000,000 for Israel.

This case, of course, does not reflect the real level of prices for elite real estate Israel, as often happens in Israel that the key indicator for such a high cost of the villa, it served as a good location. On the second lane from the sea is the same villa can cost several times cheaper. Average prices for new villas with private swimming pool and in the area of 600-800 m can range from $ 1,600,000 and up to $ 4,000,000. For those who likes to do everything on a "zero stage" and "on your personal taste, you can buy an old house or land for 800,000 $ -2,000,000 $ and make the necessary renovation, or build a house from scratch.

north of Herzliya Pituach, about 10 minutes away by car along the main highway, lies the city of Netanya. This city is worth mentioning, for the reason of the fact that in recent years in the city of Netanya invested huge sums of money in the infrastructure of the city and in residential construction, including the purpose of attracting foreign investors. Over the last 3-4 years the city of Netanya has changed almost beyond recognition implementations of a large number of super-modern architectural projects on the shoreline of the sea of the city, which sympathetically transformed

coastline city of Netanya. British,
French, Germans and other Europeans, called the city of Netanya, the Mediterranean Riviera. One of the clearest examples of elite real estate located in Netanya, Israel, and called Sea Opera - "Sea Opera" , in the draft, owners of apartments and luxury penthouses with panoramic views of the sea were the representatives of 14 States, the Russians acquired more than 26 most luxurious and exclusive apartments on the high floors of the project.

price of one sq ft in new Netanya varies over a wide range. In general, the cost may depend on the location of the house towards the sea,
floor, view from the windows of apartments, proximity to downtown and the beaches of the city. Price sq ft starts at $ 2,000 and reach $ 10,000. In Netanya, there is an opportunity to buy a house, villa or cottage with a small plot of land. Price private house fully commensurate with the price you would pay for a new apartment in new city.

course talking about luxury properties in Israel and did not remember Caesarea simply impossible. Caesarea called the pearl of the Mediterranean, the archaeological museum which is of world importance, located along the waterfront.

pastoral scenery,
silence, beaches, shady green lane, full golf club, tennis courts, a modern sports complex, schools, availability of kindergartens, banks, hour security, and other criteria posh life in Caesarea

long attracted a strong Caesarea worlds hereafter. A plot of land on which is located Caesarea favorably situated between two major cities of Israel - Tel Aviv and Haifa, which is approximately 25 minutes by car to each of the parties. A potential buyer may choose at its sole discretion from the following: houses in the area from 500 to 4.500kv.m prices range from $ 1,300,000 and reach 9,000,000 - $ 11,000,000, comfortable cottages for the price of $ 800,000 to 1,700. $ 000, or land for construction of the new prestigious area of Caesarea - "Golf". Often practiced in Caesarea buying an old house with a land size, followed by demolition and new construction or renovation of homes on the personal taste of the new owner. Last year, a very well known businessman in Russia bought a 9! adjacent buildings and deployed in this territory "Building the Century", planning to build in a short time a luxurious mansion with a large private park and a huge swimming pool.

There are also a number of attractive towns and
places , such as coastal areas of Rishon le Zion, exotic lands of Tel Aviv's Neve Tzedek quarter, spacious houses with large plots of land in Kfar Shmaryahu, exclusive home with unforgettable views of the mountain slopes in the area of Denia Haifa.

Any of these proposals, Israel real estate, you can choose according to their personal preferences and opportunities, business for small - to turn to our company, then we will help you correctly and competently carry out the transaction of buying real estate in Israel.

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